Super Parkour Map [Parkour]

A parkour map which features 10 (or 11 if you count the bonus level) levels of parkouring. By each level it gets a little bit harder. It’s recommended that you decide which difficulty option you want to use before starting the map.

Difficulty Options

  • Easy: if you fall down, get back 4 jumps
  • Normal: use the rules found in the map
  • Hard: failing means you need to go back to level 1 (also known as game over)


  1. Basic Jumping
  2. The Ladders
  3. Slabs!
  4. Water Jumping
  5. Fence Jumping
  6. Fence Edge
  7. Slippery Ice Jumping
  8. Twisty Jumping
  9. Stairs
  10. Epic Level
  11. A bonus level, see for yourself!

Creator: PokeCraftedKid

Download Survival Map
Download Creative Map

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