super pig: Mountain Village

super pig is an amazing mountain village. By mountain village we mean that the village have accidently spawned in and around a mountain causing a quite unique seed.


The blacksmith is one of the houses that’s in the same height as the mountain tops. If you are playing in survival make sure to quickly make your way up there because the house will most likely be on fire and we want to get to the chest before it burns up.

Chest Content

  • 2 Iron leggings
  • 1 Iron boots
  • 2 Bread loaves
  • 5 Ink sacs

Underneath the village is a cave system and the surrounding areas consist of a swamp biome and extreme mountains so as you understand there are lots of things to be explored in and around the village.

We leave you to explore the rest. Don’t forget to share cool findings of the seed in the comments below.

Seed: super pig

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23 Responses

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  1. Alphurno says:

    I can’t find diamonds for the life of me! Anyone have any coordinates I should try?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have cordiantes of a stronghold?

  3. miguel says:

    i miss this seed

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is the seed number

  5. ariana_rush says:

    I found a witch hut near the village…and i foun this on mcpe 0.14.0

  6. Lamo says:

    Savanah grass looks like extreme hills colored. Anyways nice

  7. Beatriz says:

    Feels strange. I used as a house the house that is the house on the north right from the stone tower doorway. I went outside to its right side then I dug down a few grass until I found an opening to the cave system. I explored it then followed the path going up(which was on the left)

    I don’t know if I saw it wrong, but before I could place a torch on this dark area ahead of me, I saw a strange object. It looked like a head but I know heads aren’t supposed to be there in that version (Idk it was 11.something). I looked at it closely but then I saw two white eyes from it… I idontknow if it was. I placed a torch near it. But when it brightened… it was still the same. This is real and I am really unsure what that was. Someone please explore this because ut still creeps me out

  8. General-Lee says:

    This seed works on the latest update for minecraft for iOS. It is a great seed, and I would recommend using before the next update, when we may be getting Pistons. That will make it the best seed ever. Anvil launcher for the win!

  9. CandyLoverLumpz! says:

    But 0.12.1 can also work with that seed


    Editor it work to,my minecraft pe version 0.10.0 it work

  11. Nicholas says:

    They are 2 dungeons(Zombie and Spider) in seeds Super Pig.

    • Xform NAN says:

      Should you please show me where you found them? I need to know as this is my favorite seed. Thanks if you can help.

  12. Andrew says:

    I found another village but I am lost can someone tell me how to get to the village near spawn. Or make a map of this seed

  13. Cyynric says:

    I’m getting some weird coloration in Savannah biomes with this seed.

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