Super Pillager Tower Seed

This seed features a pillager tower. That’s not something you see everyday on Minecraft. To give credits where it’s due, it was first found by kittehpiez on reddit. You will need to do a bit of walking (or teleporting to get to the pillager tower).


Command to get there: /tp 88 150 487

view from below

Seed ID


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  1. Guest-9917476957 says:

    didnt you read the description? you need to tp at the certain coordinates.

  2. Guest-1103951277 says:


  3. Guest-5473978327 says:

    It is nice bug!

  4. User-3784716266 says:

    Is was it said it is

  5. User-3784716266 says:

    Is was it said it is

  6. “You can’t raid us…. BUT WE CAN RAID YOU!

  7. User-2607124052 says:

    The Virgin Village
    The Chad Pillager Fortress

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