Super Speed Addon

With the Super Speed Addon you can set the game speed to four different levels through a simple settings menu on the starting page: Normal, Medium, Fast and Super Fast.

Creator: minecraftmuse3, Twitter Account

Tap on the Speed Settings button to get to the menu.

superspeed1 screenshot-2015-04-06-11-11

Set the speed to whatever you like and then enter the game and it will be enabled. Currently you will have to re-do this step if you decide to exit the app entirely and come back.



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44 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Random nude person says:

    Make it iOS

  2. DamarBlueCraft says:

    This is mod or addon

  3. Jake says:

    I can’t download 😞

  4. RLSUP says:

    Is this add-on safe? And does it work in servers, or can be used in global resources? I gave it 5 stars because its a better way of reviewing something when you are asking questions about it.

  5. Mhamad says:

    PlZ help me guys when I press download it don’t say open in minecraft it can be open in notice and yahoo I’m on ios plZzz andriod users have a lot of speed mods like toolbox but iOS users have nothing so if u help iOS users we will be pleasure

  6. FreezerBurn says:

    if u want to run fast then u have to have the /effects command then u do ur name or @a or @p or @e then type the potion effect u want like speed then if u want the timing to be infinite then do 20000000 then put the speed number u want (it only goes up to 255 )

  7. shujro says:

    it says add-on. add-on its for ios noob editor

  8. Fahad says:

    What version of mcpe version does it this mod requires

  9. Fahad says:

    For what mcpe version does it requires plz reply I really want this mod

  10. Anonymous says:

    It won’t download

  11. Anonymous says:

    It won’t download

  12. Nico salveb says:

    What the heck you siad this is addons! 😤

  13. Nischal says:

    Its so frustrating! I have tried everything!! Isn’t working at all,… can’t find the file!!

  14. DarkGamer84747 says:

    Sorry I got mad that this dose not work at all!!!!!

  15. DarkGamer84747 says:

    **Comment moderated/deleted due to cursing and other unaccepted behavior.**

  16. Dan says:

    What does it cost and is and iPad from Apple iOS or android

  17. Cooldude says:

    Cool mods

  18. Josh says:

    I installed the apk but I don’t get the Speed Settings button

  19. Heath says:

    Can You Make It For IOS?

  20. Heath says:

    Will 0.10.4 Work Cause That’s What I’m On Help Editor!!

  21. Heath says:

    I put it in Dropbox is it suppose too work in game?

  22. Wth says:

    It won’t download it only does to yahoo

  23. Emiliano says:

    Its great

  24. Anonymous says:

    I want it

  25. Guest1463 says:

    It won’t download.

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