Super ToolKit 2

The Super ToolKit 2 mod combines several useful features giving you an expansive variety of functions to better control your gameplay. It makes it possible to easily switch between gamemodes, set the time of day, add items to your inventory and many other options.

It’s an all-around mod serving several useful areas.

Creator: SuperToolKit


  • Health indicators
  • Run and sneak
  • Set time/gamemode
  • Add items
  • Spawn mobs
  • Commands such as /coords and /give
  • Block printer
  • And much more!

To open the Super ToolKit 2 graphical user interface (GUI) in-game tap on the wrench icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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The health indicators will automatically be toggled on. You can change the settings for using the new GUI.


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9 Responses

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  1. USER18 says:

    Hey! Why Editor put Google Play link, it say “Not Found”. Change to Mediafire link!

  2. I need help Lol says:

    I have iOS and it doesn’t work! You let me down ;-;

  3. Robert Max says:

    The dropbox is 404

  4. Gene1024768 says:

    Hello!Can’t display villager’s blood.

  5. yeah what a cool mod can u create a new mod i want guns with sounds

  6. CrazyThunderGaming says:

    I Like Thanks For The Maker this mod and MCPE DL. I Share This web .BTW Thanks 😀

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