SuperNatural PE

SuperNatural PE is a mod focusing on magic staffs, wands and cubes. The staffs are weapons with different abilities such as the ability to fly and heal. The cubes are blocks which can be placed and used to change how the environment acts such as the setting of the sun. There are also evil Naga mages walking the earth. They only appear to be dangerous during night.

Type /beta in-game if you want to access all the items at once and be a part of the beta testing.

Creator: megatum

Staff Info & Crafting Recipes

There are four different staffs which can be crafted. Each staff got its own unique ability such as flight and healing.

The following items are needed to craft any of the staffs with special abilities further down.

(Currently the Staff of Life can’t be crafted, but in the future it will.)

  • Good Essence (500) – obtained by killing animals, 50% of getting each kill
  • Corrupt Essence (506) – obtained by killing monsters, 17% of getting each kill
  • Magic Wand (501) – 3 Good Essence + 4 gold ingots + 2 sticks
  • Staff (502) – 1 Magic Wand + 8 gold ingots

Staff of Life (503)

Tap on the ground with the staff to heal your health to full.

Staff of Hovering (504)

While holding the staff in your active hand you will slowly raise above ground and float up into the air. Walk in the direction which you want to fly. To disable the hovering you can just unequip the staff.

It’s crafted with 2 Good Essence, 2 feathers and 1 staff.


Staff of Flight (505)

The Staff of Flight ability is much similar to how creative mode work. Simply tap twice on the jump button to start flying.

It’s crafted with 5 diamonds, 1 feather and 1 Staff of Hovering.

Staff of Fire (507)

Tap on anything to set it on fire using the staff.

Craft it with 2 flint & steel and 1 Staff.


Cubes are magical blocks which can be used together with a Magic Wand to affect the nature around you in a more broader way than staffs.

As mentioned, before being able to use a cube you will need a Magic Wand. It’s crafted with 3 Good Essence, 2 sticks and 4 gold ingots.

Shelter Cube (138)

Place down the cube on the ground and then when you tap on it with a Magic Wand it will generated a wooden house structure with a stonecutter, furnace and a crafting bench.

To craft it you will need 1 diamond, 2 oak blocks and 6 obsidian blocks in a stonecutter.

Moon Cube (140)

Tap on the cube with the wand to turn from day to night. Be careful because when you do that the evil mages will turn hostile.

Craft it with 7 obsidians, 1 flint and 1 Good Essence in a stonecutter.


Sun Cube (117)

Similar to the Moon Cube but it shifts night to day.

To craft the cube you will need 7 obsidians, 1 Good Essence and 1 torch.


Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Good Essence (500) – kill animals, 50% chance
  • Magic Wand (501) – 3 Good Essence + 2 sticks + 4 gold ingots
  • Staff (502) – 8 gold ingots + 1 Magic Wand
  • Staff of Life (503) – no crafting recipe yet
  • Staff of Hovering (504) – 2 Good Essence + 2 feathers + 1 staff
  • Staff of Flight (505) – 5 diamonds + 1 feather + 1 Staff of Hovering
  • Staff of Essence (506) – no crafting recipe yet
  • Staff of Fire (507) – 2 flint & steel + 1 staff
  • Sun Cube (117) – 7 obsidian + 1 Good Essence + 1 torch
  • Moon Cube (140) – 7 obsidians + 1 flint + 1 Good Essence (crafted in a stonecutter)
  • Shelter Cube (138) – 6 obsidians + 1 diamond + 2 oak blocks (crafted in a stonecutter)
  • Corrupt Essence (506) – kill monsters, 17% chance


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