SuprecuraCraft ULTRA

SuprecuraCraft was a great pack I’ve made for rtx users, but I needed to push those boundaries and best myself once again by making an exclusively better version that deserves it’s own version instead of being a regular update for the pack, that’s why I’m introducing my new project known as SuprecuraCraft ULTRA which instead of just having plain upscaled textures it has entirely new pbr! and other little bits and pieces.

Note: some screenshots were taken before changes were made and that’s why some of the screenshots have the upscaled textures

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1.3 update

-Removed textures that were requested to be removed

-Added new mer textures from Normal SuprecuraCraft

-Removed loads of block textures

-Fixed ui title(it was too stretched)

1.2 Update:

-Changed the colormaps

-Made file size smaller

-Removed _mer files because it looked similar to another creators resource pack and it looks like I copied

-Tweaked water texture


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)



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54 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Nicinator says:

    If you are wondering why you can’t download this pack anymore: I own most of the textures of this pack and MrFishyGotFacts was using them without my permission. Therefore the file on Mediafire got deleted. If you want to have the original pack, please download it here:

  2. Nicinator says:

    For everyone that doesn’t believe me, here is the proof:
    On the changelog for version 1.0.5 of my Vanilla RTX pack (https ://, you can find every single texture I added in this update. All of those textures aren’t included in SuprecuraCraft ULTRA. They all look flat. This means MrFishyGotFacts copied all of the normal maps in the version 1.0.4 of my pack.

    The second proof:
    I randomized some normal maps (like grass_top_normal.png) and “his” grass_top_normal.png is identical to mine which is completely impossible to randomize two times in a row. It would be 1 in 3.23*10 to the power of 616!

  3. Nicinator says:

    I used this pack for a few minutes and then I realized something: You are using ALL of my normal maps! Can you please delete all the normal maps you used from my pack? Because you didn’t ask me for permission.

  4. CherokeeNative says:

    find away to use it on windows 10

  5. Guest-7267086250 says:

    Does this shader support 8GB RAM?

  6. Guest-6236026660 says:


  7. xiaobo says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint the texture to the Minecraft China.What I need is business authorization

  8. Guest-9789564902 says:

    This RTX pack just Epic

    I love it 😊

  9. Nicinator says:

    Does this mean that you are making your own version of “Vanilla RTX”?

  10. Hamox says:

    I know the rtx and renderdragon, but is this a texture pack or a pack for the rtx version only? anyways keep up the good work :).

  11. DXTG Josh says:

    I lost brain cells reading this comment section o_O

  12. Guest-8040586044 says:

    we have same phone

  13. Guest-1451598280 says:

    This texture keeps saying import faild fake!

  14. Guest-4561872364 says:

    Perfection, But I need sth for windows 10, I have a GTX 1070, I can’t turn on RTX, plz something Like those shaders that are on java UwU

  15. D4vian says:

    Texture packs for rtx has the best comments

  16. Guest-9271985043 says:

    Soo smooth on my realme c3 thank you very much now my minecraft looks like real life

  17. Guest-8926973155 says:

    mine didn’t work a all

  18. Guest-3641362089 says:

    WOW This is amazing! Especially for bedrock edition. Do any of yall know if this sort of shading will ever come to non rtx devices? i have an amd that could run this, but is being blocked cause? idk. Again tho, great shaders!

  19. Zach Marc says:

    Why do people keep hating?
    Some ppl just think this is for mobile and those ppl are idiots they dont read descriptions, anyways this is an awesome pack

  20. Guest-3508485886 says:

    this is only for rtx users bruh

  21. Guest-1675862260 says:

    Why is it all pixelated and doesn’t have the light effect

  22. Guest-1091232632 says:


  23. PilotRhyme401q says:

    its only for RTX user right ????

  24. Looks nice! I’ll try it once I can get back to my desktop.

  25. Guest-4490058242 says:

    bruh it says for rtx users dose mobile or console devices have rtx? no.

  26. BonnieEXE says:

    Is this available for mobile and console devices? If not, get outta my sight!

    • Guest-2630635228 says:

      Bruh, you don’t have to rate this texture pack so low just because it’s only for Windows 10 (which has the same version of Minecraft as mobile/ OG Pocket and console) and RTX graphics card users.

    • Guest-8681896361 says:

      oh, descriptions exist for a reason u know, or u literally didnt know what descriptions are because of the fact that u live under a rock or something

    • BliX5 says:

      Mcpedl is for all bedrock editions, not just mobile and console, so it includes Windows 10. Just because you don’t have windows 10 nor an RTX card doesn’t mean you can rate it one star you idiot uncultured banana

  27. Guest-2438492164 says:

    Do I need rtx?

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