SuprecuraCraft by Mr Fishy

Want Minecraft textures but in 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x AND 512x resolution? Want Minecraft textures but with pbr support for RTX On? Want Minecraft leaves and vegetation to be a bit more saturated, bright and vibrant? Well SuprecuraCraft is just for You!

Note: Not all textures are upscaled to 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x and 512x

This Texture Pack includes pbr support so those who want to use it with rtx who are capable of doing so can use it but you can also use this pack without it and enjoy the vibrant environment and upscaled textures.

Known Issues: Sides of grass blocks and chest aren’t displaying upscaled textures

NOTE: all textures possible will be upscaled when the 1.16 official vanilla resource pack is released with the nether update

Another Note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not steal textures or tga files, don’t upload a video to YouTube and claim it’s rtx for mcpe or non rtx devices it’s a texture pack that simply upscales textures, changes colormaps and makes nvidia’s ray tracing look better

Changelog View more

-Added 256x textures for people not on beta versions

-Removed unnecessary textures once again

-Remade some textures

-Fixed link for 64x with RTX

-Added 256x with RTX and without RTX should be coming soon but I might take a break for a bit

-Added 64x with RTX support

-Changed birch leaves to a more realistic colour

-64x RTX has really the best PBR 

-Added 64x Textures(no rtx version as of now)

-Added 512x Textures(rtx and non rtx version)

-Fixed dirt texture not showing upscaled form for 64x and 512x only

-Fixed broken Barrier texture

-Removed Unnecessary upscaled textures

-Made the inside of barrels when opened appear deeper

-Added 128x textures



Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 RTX Beta


128x 256x 32x 512x 64x

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185 Responses

4.18 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. idk why but sum ppl hate reading despirtion of the thing
    and cmnt “is this for andriod ‘

  2. Ms Fishy says:

    Note: this pack is dead, checkout SuprecuraCraft ULTRA for more updates



  4. DisarmedSpy says:

    None of the links work.

  5. CubicPlayzMc says:

    This shader exploded my pc…..

  6. Guest-4900737626 says:

    Nice Anime Girl pic ??

  7. Guest-3633640596 says:

    Can you make normal ice transparent? and no rtx support for 32x?

  8. Guest-1672290119 says:

    Can You Add 128×128 Without RTX?

  9. Guest-6412010044 says:

    Why are people talking bout onions, while I’m here chopping some right now :3

    Also, this ain’t a shader, it’s a texture pack.
    Though I doubt people actually read the description.

  10. Guest-5435161268 says:

    I know that phones don’t have rtx but will this work for miobile?

  11. Guest-2880579440 says:

    It looks weird is it made like that?

  12. Guest-7442774343 says:

    Hi. With the release of render dragon, will we get some cool shaders like Sildures shaders or chocapic shaders for windows 10? I don’t have a RTX gpu. im still a GTX user (Most of people are) I will not upgrade until nvidia drops their prices. I just want a good shader. did render dragon only added ray tracing capability? I really want some actual dynamic shadows & better lightning

  13. Guest-9759746483 says:

    What Shader can.i use for this texture pack

  14. Nicinator says:

    I installed the x512 pack and it seems like it is just a blurry version of the x32 pack.

  15. Guest-3477451911 says:

    I put this on my phone and my phone is die

  16. Guest-4800915232 says:

    Can this work on Xbox one S?

  17. Guest-7124149726 says:

    Can you make something like a
    Texture pack shader but it’s like the rtx graphics real time rtx
    That would be a LEGEND
    |> <|

  18. Guest-2758181224 says:

    Will the RTX work even if I don’t have an Nvidia GPU? I currently have a ZOTAC/GeForce GTX 1660 on my pc if that helps…

  19. Guest-8921401423 says:


  20. Guest-9475220156 says:

    Omg i love this comment section

  21. Guest-8957988758 says:

    This RTX doesn’t work on iPhone 6 Plus

  22. Guest-1178270914 says:

    Can i download the rtx 516x for my ipad gen 6? Before i download it, say wut do i download pls

  23. Guest-1148713096 says:

    I dont have Direct X Ray Tracing capable GPU so please make yor on Ray Tracing for Intel R UHD Graphics 620 win 10 please

    • Guest-2166220234 says:

      wat thats impossible though im not the owner what i know is that he did not create ray tracing for minecraft bedrock (nvidia did that and also said they only support rtx 2060 2070 2080 super and ti rtx titan (idk about quadro but maybe cause its rtx)) not unless nvidia gives some code to intel so it could have rtx(which is basically never gonna happen) just use the non rtx version and find some other shaders such as parallax shaders(the old version) esbe chocapic shader and the newly supporting bicubic shader

    • bizarresoil says:

      its impossible to trick minecraft that you an rtx graphics card and the creator didnt even add rtx its just minecraft with direct rtx

  24. Guest-4101404580 says:

    What is better this one or the other shader you created what’s better

  25. Guest-4044416557 says:

    so mr fishy can you make yore on ray trasing for Intel R UHD Graphics 620 win 10 please

  26. Guest-3345438558 says:

    Hi this is work in windows 10

  27. Y’all be trippin, seriously. This is a texture pack, nothing more, nothing less. Not a shader. The RTX compatible versions are compatible with the Windows 10 RTX beta only, the non-RTX compatible ones will work on all Bedrock Edition versions of the game.

    I repeat: this is NOT a shader, just textures.

    Looks nice, though.

  28. Guest-5544743965 says:

    I have Intel R UHD graphics 620 win 10 and i cant get ray trasing shaders can you fix that please thank you

  29. CherokeeNative says:

    Told lee But’s

  30. Guest-4480087805 says:

    Is the texture pack (without the shader)
    Available for mobile devices

  31. Guest-3157745743 says:

    Do you recommend a GeForce rtx 2060 graphics card for this?

  32. So I did an oopsy, I uploaded 64x with rtx support and forgot 256x isn’t finished yet and put it as 256x in the description but it shouldn’t be a big issue but if you’re wondering where 256x is look at this and realise it’s not done and I accidentally put it there

  33. Guest-8245685569 says:

    the word hi is writen in a cauldron!

  34. Guest-7413759803 says:

    It’s buggy nothing show up unless the entities

  35. Amaru_chan says:

    haha ai hatte onionn >:)))

  36. Guest-2187723252 says:

    I need help! Rtx wont run on my onion. I have a gtx onion 2080ti, 16gb of onion and a i9onion! Why isn’t it working?

  37. FrostGamerYT says:

    Does the RTX work on mobile?

  38. Guest-2345477752 says:

    SuprecuraCraft 512x(with RTX) in mcpe V1.14.60 is not working

  39. Guest-8314731417 says:

    Mcpe 1.14.60 android compatibily??

  40. edgarguitarist says:

    Se ve buenisimo pero tendre que esperar que salga la 1.15! :c

  41. Guest-5132724377 says:

    it is better to add light source to ore stone

  42. Guest-2932794908 says:

    worst texture

  43. Guest-1954345645 says:

    Doesnt work for non RTX beta, my friend wanted me to try this out with him since he has a xbox I have a pc of course, 2080 TI Ryzen powered.

  44. Guest-8814926996 says:

    Been looking for a RTX pack, outside of the ones made by Nvidia and their partners! Thanks!

  45. Guest-5964551355 says:

    Hello mrfishy could you please make it for mobile (kindle) if not I totally understand but if you could then me and my little brother will use the texture 😀 ty for your time

  46. LightningCraft_YT says:

    Please do it for 1.14.60 I’m on ios ?
    I WANT IT PLS IM BEGGING sorry for begging but pls

  47. Guest-4014450398 says:

    I can’t wait for the next update for this so I can play it on 1.14.60

  48. Froz Ty says:

    I don’t think if my phone’s frame rate can handle this ???

  49. LightningCraft_YT says:

    I’m a little scared is this gonna blow up my ios?
    Cuz when I get 1.16 I’m scared well I’ll risk it ?

  50. Guest-8858135112 says:

    yes, works on all platforms but you need Normal minecraft beta. (1.15+, 1.16), RTX beta works too

  51. Guest-1814001083 says:

    is it for 1.15?

  52. Guest-2294033486 says:

    make it 1.14.60 compatible pls

    • Guest-3136880890 says:

      i have it working on my pc and it works fine iam not on any beta just turn on experimentle mode and i have no rtx but if you get a super shader to with it it looks stunning just keep your render down itll eat up ram

  53. Guest-1793407317 says:

    Please add more textured blocks on update until all you textured all blocks! 🙂
    BTW very nice texture pack! it’s like rtx textures! <3

  54. Guest-7965826115 says:

    only for beta…??? not for 1.14.60??? ?????

  55. GifferDCrafter says:

    Its so sad my shader is still pending. Mr fishy, i will credit you once my shader approve.

  56. Cyan the square says:


  57. Guest-6657970484 says:

    Is it ios supported and Is there any tips for installation on ios devices because for some reason it says failed to install

  58. Guest-6354099571 says:

    Does it work for windows10 edition?
    If yeah… HECK YEAH

  59. Guest-2527990865 says:

    Does this work with Xbox just asking

  60. Guest-3860025432 says:

    The people saying this will not work outside of RTX are lying. It’s a upscaled vanilla texture pack to help bring out more color and detail that works well with RTX, but it is not required. It works fine on my Android(Samsung Galaxy S9), especially with ESBE Shaders. Not the full effect that RTX has, but I can definitely see a big difference over vanilla.

  61. Kirby420 says:

    Can someone make a page for how to reply to people? Because it seems a lot of people don’t know how to.

  62. GifferDCrafter says:

    Hello can i use to my shader. I will credit your texture pack. TOMORROW i will release my shader called gtcpe shader. 🙂

  63. Guest-4720196142 says:


  64. Guest-7484126077 says:

    can i use it without rtx ? if i can can u tell me how ?

  65. Guest-2387795861 says:

    Me Reading The Comments Is way better than trying the pack. Everything is so funny.
    I gave 5 stars for the funny comments.

  66. Guest-3505846278 says:

    oml this fov hurts
    if ur taking screenshots in mc always set ur fov to lowest possible then fly back to get the best images

  67. IRDOR13 says:

    That’s so great! However, do you think it is currently possible to create shaders without rtx so people with normal graphics cards can play it? I mean shaders with real shadows, not like all the shaders that we’ve had for years in bedrock, but without RTX just by taking advantage of the new render dragon engine

  68. Guest-2971037995 says:

    Me dumb

  69. Liliya Olenyeva says:


  70. If you say something ignorant like “tHiS iS fAlSe AdVeRtIsInG!!!” or “bRo ThE sHaDeR iSnT wOrKiNg” then try reading the description, ok?

  71. Guest-2520756520 says:

    These people only look on the pictures

  72. Guest-7434070357 says:

    R u a frickin idiot its rtx. Not meant for android or ios if you even there to ask

  73. Guest-6628516292 says:

    Is this available on beta 1.14? Android… Please I can’t find it in my settings…

  74. Guest-6387020590 says:

    Can you plz make an Android version of rtx?

  75. Guest-2606029363 says:

    Yus finally ive been wating for someone to do this texture thx

  76. Guest-6135957536 says:

    Is this texture works on mcpe android?

  77. LoAlCo says:

    THIS IS NOT A SHADER! This is a texture pack that supports RTX and its features. You will only see those features with Minecraft RTX beta, RTX on, and with a card that supports it. RTX 2060 and up.

    You can still use the textures without RTX, you just won’t see the effect of PBR.

  78. Guest-3403014886 says:

    It seems that I cant download it.its just good but I’m still in 1.14.60

  79. Guest-3403014886 says:

    wow this texture is kinda better than all the textures I own .-.

  80. Guest-9502309038 says:


  81. Guest-6348413892 says:

    Yo when are xbox shaders coming aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  82. Guest-6212659645 says:

    you idiot this isn’t a shader pack it is a texture/resource pack that makes rtx look better IT IS NOT RTX!

  83. Guest-4305566606 says:

    False advertising, the lighting is not at all like the actual RTX shader

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