Surface Mod (Android)

This is a simple Android mod which lets the user teleport to the surface or to any available area below ground level and it’s all controlled by using two different commands. It’s mainly useful if you often find yourself walking long distances between a mine and your base.

Creator: Pixeldroid, Twitter Account

How does it work?

The main commands are /surface and /below as those are the ones you can use for teleportation.

  • /shelp – more information
  • /surface – teleport to the surface
  • /below – teleport an available area below
  • /version – check the mod version and changelog

It definitely makes teleportation easier but it doesn’t take away the fact that this is actually already possible to some extent. For example, you can type the following command (assuming you’ve got cheats enabled) to teleport to the surface: /tp ~ 68 ~. The upside by using this mod is that it detects if the area is safe to access before teleporting the player there.


This mod requires BlockLauncher, Toolbox or MCPE Master. In this particular case I used BlockLauncher.

Download .JS Script

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21 Responses

4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Troy says:

    How do I damlod it

  2. Breezy says:

    Well that was surprising

  3. MelonCraft says:

    I prefer mod rather than addons, because mod adds new items, whereas add-ons replace items

  4. Sasha says:

    Guys it is impossible to make this mod as addon, because you can only edit items it treasure chest and units, but no more

  5. Pixel_slayer says:

    This is a very cool mod! Better than most addons to be honest

  6. Kellan Smith says:

    I love mods

  7. The World May Never Know says:

    I don’t even know how this could be a behavior pack… and to be honest, I don’t care if it becomes one.

  8. Josephgaming135 says:

    Two people have already said to make it into an addon, but going into the .json files and things shows that because block .jsons and command behaviors aren’t accessible yet, you can’t change or add new commands with addons. It would be possible to make a command block creation for it, but you would need to use an old world or be able to test exactly where the surface is and where hazardous blocks are. What you would do for that is test for the player’s location and then check to make sure 1) the block below the player is safe 2) the blocks the player would be standing in are air, and 3) where exactly these coordinates are. Hook all of these up together with comparators and and-gates, and just duplicate that for every surface blocking the world. Hopefully, most of this is correct, because I just spent five minutes on writing it. Your welcome.

  9. PolygonForLife says:

    Guy what are you thinking?Addons cannot create new commands and weak than BlockLauncher mods.

  10. Enderman PE Official says:

    Blocklancher why havent you got updated

  11. nellipotpot says:

    Wow, I can’t believe someone is still making mods… Intersting but amazing mod but -1 star because it might be better if its a add-on (.mcpack/.mcaddon) but its a mod (.JS Script)… =(

  12. Blu The Furry says:

    Make it an addon so i can use it on my iPad I don’t have Android

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