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Several days ago I was playing my survival world and sincerely I got bored. I get tired of them being the same mobs, that they always find the same swords and biomes.

 So I set out to create an addon that would change all of this. So here is my addon.

 [Still in BETA]


The hero’s sword, you can only use it if you have the courage of a hero and the strength to be one.

 The durability of the sword is 2580, you will be able to defeat many villains. Its damage is 12, so you will kill enemies easily.

 The sword of darkness is made with the most resistant material in this world.

 Before making the sword, we will make an> obsidian stick<. is="" crafted="" like="" this:="">

 After that we will make the sword:

 Its durability is 2150 and its damage is 11.

 The next sword will freeze you. The frost sword is made of ice so its durability is low.

 Before creating it, we will have to make a handle resistant to those temperatures so we will have to create a> frozen stick <.>

 After that we will make the sword:

 The durability of this weapon is 1640 and its damage is 9.

 The Whiter sword, created from the most difficult element in the world, whiter skulls.

 The durability of this deadly weapon is 2580 and its damage is a total of 16.

 There is the diamond sword, because now there is also the diamond dagger, it is a light weapon so you can run faster.

 Its durability is 2580 so you can cut several bodies. Its damage is 8.

The emerald sword has a durability of 1764 and a damage of 9.

 Now I will show you a sword, literal. The Emerald Sword is a heavy weapon so it will cost more to move quickly.

 Its 1965 durability and its damage is 16.

 Ok, now that I show you the weapons crafting but with the basic Minecraft objects. Now, the new ones.

 Ruby. It is a difficult mineral to find but not impossible, it appears in all biomes from layer 0 to 16, so good luck.

 Ruby Sword:

 Durability: 1950

 Damage: 10

 Ruby Spear:

 Durability: 1050

 Damage: 11

 Sword tears hearts:

 Durability: 1458

 Damage: 13

 And well, those are the things you can create with the Ruby mineral.

 Rainbow mineral. Many say that this mineral originated when it rained, that that at the end of the rainbow there is a goblin is false. At the end of the rainbow it collides with stones and this is how these minerals originate. This mineral is found between layer 5 and 14.

 Rainbow sword:

 Durability: 1980

 Damage: 10

 Blue diamond, it is a little easier than the original diamond. This mineral appears in layers 16 and below.

 Blue Diamond Sword:

 Durability: 1780

 Damage: 9

 Copper, a fairly easy mineral to find, appears in layer 50 and goes down to layer 30.

 Copper sword:

 Durability: 1420

 Damage: 8

 Amethyst Amethyst is an easy mineral to find. It appears on layer 41 and below.

 Amethyst sword:

 Durability: 1574

 Damage: 9

 There are also two new swords:

 This sword is obtained when you kill a special Piglin, just kill him and that’s it.

 And this other sword is obtained by killing a particular magma cube, the sword will give you the power to be fireproof.

 Well, those are all the new minerals. Now I will proceed to explain the new mobs.


Ducks, these little animals will appear in the outside world helping you get feathers faster. Their health is 4 and they will escape death.

 Diamond chicken:

 This chicken was mutated with a diamond and now it looks like this, if you kill it it will give you a diamond. But come on, who would kill a simple chicken … No? This mob spreads all over the world.

 Wild pig:

Wild boars are very aggressive animals so if you find them run, run away. Because his health is 12 and his attack is a total of 5 points of damage.

 White cow:

The white cow is a new species of cow that roams the world looking to eat herbs. It has the same characteristics as a normal cow.

 Muddy pig:

These pigs get their feet dirty playing in the puddles in the swamps. You will find them playing with the mud in a swamp biome. It has the same life and characterizes that the normal pig.


Sharks are creatures that rule the oceans. Its sharp teeth are prepared to tear your skin. His health is 30 and his bites will do 5 points of damage.

Remember that sharks usually sail in a herd.

Once you have been able to kill this sea beast, she will drop her shark scale that you can make a lethal weapon.

 Shark Slash Sword:

 Durability: 2570

 Damage: 17

 Skeleton bat:

After having died of natural causes, this little bat will fly around the world looking for a new beginning. They will attack any player who gets in their way. His health is 6 and his damage is 3.

 Flying eye:

This monster will fly around the world watching your movements. Waiting for the right moment to attack. It has 6 health and 3 damage.


The mummies dominate the deserts emerging from the sand looking for the moment when you look away. He has 23 health and his attack is 8.

 Slime X:

X slimes are creatures that were affected by climate change. They will be wandering through the waters of the swamps. Be careful, his health is 50 and his damage is 15.

 Breakfast Squad:

This is a squad of spies that will be spread all over the world. Nobody knows who they work for but they are very aggressive. I never came close to asking them so I don’t know much about them. But they are dangerous.

 Nether mobs:

 Nether Creeper:

These creepers got into the nether portal and upon arrival they transformed and are now bathed in lava. He has a health of 25 and his explosion is dangerous.

 Hell Ghast:


This ghast got tired of crying and now he’s looking for you to kill you. There are several of them so be careful. His health is 100 and he will now shoot faster and more powerful fireballs.

 New Biome:

Sweet Land

The biome where nothing will harm you, the biome where you can eat sweets until you explode. The biome where you will eat chocolate infinitely. This biome will appear very rare, so prepare your shoes to find it.

Several animals were stranded in these lands, so they had to feed on these foods. So now they have a different texture. A little sweet.

 Sweet cow:

The sweet cow lives only in this biome, so it will be difficult to find it. But once you find it you will be able to appreciate its sweetness. Be careful, if you kill her, she will drop you a cookie with candy. I’m not telling you to do it, but …

These cookies are not healthy but they will fill your stomach.

 Sweet cow with sprinkles:

This cow looks like the cow with candy but this one has chocolate chips in it, yummy.

 Sweet pork:

The pig dipped in chocolate, is a little animal that is very peaceful and very tasty … No?


Around the world there will also be magicians, some of them will drop their magic wand, others their spheres.


These powerful wizards will not hesitate to shoot you their fireballs. They have 35 health and their fire is deadly. They walk in various groups and roam the world. Be careful.

Some of these magicians drop their wands but unfortunately empty.

 But, one in particular drops the speed sphere on you. And if you put the empty wand and the speed sphere together. You will go faster than light!

If you hold the wand with your hand it will give you speed 3!

Apart from the speed sphere, they can also drop the fire retardant sphere on you.

With it and an empty wand you will be immortal at high temperatures.

If you place it in your hand, it will give you a fire-retardant body 3. A swim in lava!


Minotaur: Minotaurs are wild beasts that destroy everything they see. His health is 60 and his damage is 10.

If you kill him they drop the new battle ax.

The durability of this weapon is 580 and it does 9 damage.

New blocks and armor

Ruby Block:

It is crafted in this way:

The texture of this new block is like this::

And once we have 8 Ruby blocks we can make the armor.

Once we have crafted it. We select it in hand and hold down the screen.

Ruby armor durability is 1593 and gives you 5 extra hearts.

Amethyst Block:

It is crafted with 4 amethyst that we can find in caves. By the way, amethyst changes its texture.

The texture of the amethyst block is this.

With 8 blocks of amethyst, the amethyst armor is made.

Amethyst armor has 1532 durability and gives you 4 extra hearts.

By the way, it is very cute. Remember, they put the armor on their hand and hold the screen tight like they eat.

Rainbow block: 

The rainbow block is made from 4 rainbow ingots.

The rainbow block texture is this, wow how many colors.

With 8 rainbow blocks we make the super armor. Which by the way, looks like a rainbow.

The rainbow armor has 2100 durability and gives you 6 extra hearts.

Remember, put the armor on your hand and squeeze the screen.

Shark armor:

They know when sharks were killed they can drop their scales. With 8 shark scales they can make the armor.

Shark armor has 1647 durability and gives you 4 extra hearts. Other than that it gives you breath underwater.


The lenses are very cute, and they are crafted like this:

It doesn’t give you anything special, but it fits you very well. They have 480 durability.

New Monster: The Red Dragon

Dragons are flying beasts that breathe fire and attack villages. They have 60 health.

If you manage to kill them, they will leave you their skin, which with 8 of them you can make the Dragon armor.

The durability of this armor is 2580 and it gives you resistance against fire.

Iron Katana: This fast weapon has 880 durability and 7 damage.

Changelog View more

.Fixed some bugs.

.New armor

.New mobs.

.New weapons.

Every Sunday I will upload a new update.

Hope you like

Bug fixes.

I changed the presentation to a more acceptable one.


Remember to activate the game in "experimental mode".


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. skier0224 says:

    is there any chance you could make a separate mod with just the ores? I can’t find another good ores addon that works, and i really want to have these ores in my world but I don’t like the amount of dangerous mobs added.

    I don’t want to make the game harder, I just want to explore more and have more blocks to build with. I’m not good at survival so please don’t hate

  2. Laks_ says:

    I can’t craft new items from the beta version like shark armor and rainbow block.
    Please fix it. I’m really love your mod

  3. DylanJacquesYT says:

    can you make it separate files? like the behavior pack and resource pack

  4. Demoniow09 says:

    El addon esta muy bien hecho, pero a mi me huviera gustado que los mobs como el minotauro y el dragon tuvieran una textura mejor, mas realista con movimientos mas suaves y todo eso, si lo puedes mejorar seria uno de los mejores mods

  5. tongoconator says:

    I kinda need help. for some reason it does not want to import. like it would say there would be an error then say the import was successful but when i try it, it doesn’t work. i tried redownloading it a few times and it still doesn’t work.

  6. Breno2008__ says:

    Mano, eu AMEI o addon, EU sou BR, percebi que vc tbm era qnd eu vi as imagens dos craftings… Amei pode continuar que eu vou jogar!

  7. SkyxD says:

    Tools? Other than that this addon is great.

  8. I have no idea. Now I notice.

  9. MrStriking says:

    Can u add more wands and some new tools made from the new ores?

  10. BillieBoyz says:

    Why do the sharks spawn on land?

  11. Dalay995 says:

    The weapons works in realms?

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