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Space Station Survival Update, New Base!


We have finally released the latest version of this map space station survival. in this update, we added many new features.



A survival map with a space theme, protect your space base from evil aliens ... enlarge your base and survive with the aim of beating Ender Dragon in the darkness of outer space !!.

Space Station Survival

1. Lobby update and credit room added

We added our minecraft characters in the loby and added a few details about the addons used in this map and we have fixed the email posts in the loby.

2. New Base

Base is the main thing where you run survival here and get resources from here.

We changed almost all parts of the old base with the new one.

3. Lower Control Room 

We added useful features such as maintaining inventory and you can easily collect space cores, earth cores and mytic cores there.

Besides, there is a room that can be used for farming and raising livestock.

4. Upper Control Room 

There you can buy things and play minigames, you can also go to your space colony and build something there.

5. Laboratory

We added this feature to make it easier to survive.

Here you can get valuable materials such as iron to netherite by leveling up, and activating the portal by leveling up to the active level.

6. Material Generator

Here you can get important items such as iron, gold, emerald, diamond and netherite by raising the machine level using 2 earth activator blocks for each level.

7. Portal Room

In the previous version we have not added a portal so players cannot end their game.

Therefore we add it

You can activate the portal by increasing the level from inactive - standby - active using the portal activator block as much as 1 for each level.

8. Bundle shop

You can get spawn eggs and other items from here using an earth activator block and using a random activator block.

9. Lucky Crate Room

You can get random items and some files. If you are lucky you can get lucky files, you can also exchange crate blocks at the shop with wood.

10. Asteroids

Here you can mine asteroids And get valuable materials

11. Dungeon

Common dungeons are found on large asteroids and in them there are rooms.

12. Space Colony

A human space colony they survive there, like farming. You can find good loot here.

13. Your Space Colony

Do you need a large area of ​​land? We provide it for you. You can build however you like and you can also get decorative blocks for free!


We are building a new minigame where we add vuild battles now that you and your friends can have a battle against build prowess.

Description of new items and mobs

● Earth core item

You can exchange it at the shop to exchange it for an earth file 

● Space core item

With this item you can buy a jetpack at the shop

● Mytic orb item

This one is a very mysterious item, this item can be exchanged into a Dimension file. You can also make or buy "Mysterious Water From The Moon" with this.

● Empty File

You can get very important items by destroying the lucky crate

● Lucky files

You can get it via a drop from a lucky crate or by buying it through a shop, this item can also be exchanged for a random activator block, the block functions to be exchanged in the bundle shop to get random items

● Earth files

This item can be obtained by exchanging it at the shop, this item functions to be exchanged for an earth activator block

● Dimension file

This item can be obtained by exchanging it at the shop, this item functions to be exchanged for a portal activator block

● Earth Activator Block 

This block is useful for exchanging in the bundle shop and for leveling up to get rare materials in the Laboratory such as iron, gold, emerald, diamond and even netherite by increasing the level using 2 Earth Activator Blocks for each level.

● Portal Activator Block

function to activate the portal requires 1 portal Activator Block for each level, there are three levels needed to activate the portal

● Random Activator Block

You can use it in the bundle shop to get 2-3 times more random items.

● Mech Armor

Sophisticated armor designed for use in outer space you can buy it at the shop. (GIVES SLOW FALLING AND JUMP BOOST EFFECTS)

● Mysterious Water From The Moon

The water from this moon holds a mystery, when someone drinks it it will be very strong, even this item is more powerful than the enchanted golden apple .. try .. one, you can get it through the shop.

● Monster Mech Spider

This monster resembles a spider, when this monster attacks you will get a slow effect.

● Unknown Box

A robot that has a shape almost like among us, he can attack you but calmly he is very slow in walking.

* We actually added PvP and PvE here but due to a problem we didn't continue. Maybe for the next update?

Thanks For Downloading and

Enjoy This Map..

This Map is Supported by several Add-ons

if you need help please send us an email [email protected] or [email protected]

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-Minor changes and improvements to the appearance

- Added Link Download .mcword (mediafire)

- Added Link For Feedback!

- Linkvertise link removed

- Semawur link removed :)

- Added descriptions for some items and mobs on this map.

- Changes to this version-new base-laboratory-space colony-minigame-and others


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Add-on used on this map

  1. Block Plus Add-on
  2. Better JetPack 
  3. Earthrise
  4. Spacecraft

🔺Need minecraft latest version +1.16.100 

❗Need help or want to write feedback send via email or the link below

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4.2 / 5 (10 votes)
It looks like a MarketPlace map
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Hate to say but, i cannot go connect to the world, make it 1.14 plz
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sorry this map contains addons that require players to play the latest version ...
so you can update your Minecraft on the playstore or other app stores ...
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oof same, that sucks 1.16 only, oh well
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If there is a problem with the Jetpack addon, please uninstall the addon then reinstall it ....
Thank you..
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Please change the jetpack addon
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🎉🎊 Finally we release it and don't forget to share with your friends, okay? Thank you so much for downloading :) You can send feedback via email or via the link below 🔗https: // Ok bye ..
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Sorry for our delay in uploading our map, you can visit our youtube, we have released it there
and don't forget to subscribe and like it :)
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When will the next update come? I have been waiting.
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our map is still pending so please be patient 😀
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Sorry if this map is taking a long time to update ....
because there are some problems in this
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i know u are indonesian so i will comment using indonesia language. bisa nggak kamu bikin command biar bisa jump boost sama slow falling biar sama gitu kayak di bulan
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We can make it but there will be a possibility of lag ..😊

kita bisa membuatnya tapi akan ada kemungkinan lag..
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I loved the map!! But please fix the jetpack, whenever I land I just die.
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Thank you, we listen to all these complaints, we try to fix them.
please wait for the next update😊
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Please add more like
1.pvp arena
2.alien raid
3.more village
4.add planet
5.more monster
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thank you very much for the feedback, we will do our best for it...
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We're working on a map project, so let's subscribe to our channel "WINTERMASTER GAMING" to get notifications when we release it.

Please subscribe for 50 subscribers
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I subscribe you later and thanks for update the jetpack
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Thank you for the feedback
Sorry for the last few days we've been busy ....
but don't worry we will update it later ...
For suggestions for updates later, please send them to our email or via comments
==== Thank you ====
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Ini Map bagus!
This is a great map!
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Nice map if you fix the jetpack
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Thank you for the feedback
Sorry for the last few days we've been busy ....
but don't worry we will update it later ...
For suggestions for updates later, please send them to our email or via comments
==== Thank you ====
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