Advanced Survival Constructive Technical World

Look.! You can Download this Technical Survival World, It has more than 3000 Days played, It is really very advanced, it also has a decorative-constructive style, You can play it with friends or experiment in it, visit all the biomes (they are very close), or know the + 40 farms, this world is still developing, you can see the progress and updates on my YouTube channel, my subscribers have asked me that the world can be found on MCPDL

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  • New pink petal farm I built a small decoration aquarium.
  •  We have armadillos! 
  • I built a decoration well Upgrade the Ancestral Seed Farm.
  • I built a decorative chicken coop.
  • New Coral Farm.
  • New Cocoa Farm. 
  • New Seaweed Farm.
  • Upgrade gravity block farm.
  • I built a pond for decorative frogs.
  • New witch farm.
  • Hall of the gold farm in the Nether.
  • Iron Farm Hallway in the Nether.
  • Upgrade shiny squid ink farm.
  • Guardians Farm Hallway in the Nether.
  • End hallway in the Nether Bedrock Farm (no longer operating).
  • Improved Nether Wood Farm.
  • New Universal Wood Farm.
  • New snow farm.
  • Cerezo Temple as a decorative house.
  • New Trophy room Updated coordinate book.
  • World size reduced from 300 MB to 100 MB
  • Cherry biome fixed.
  • Fixed snow track biome. 
  • Fixed mangrove biome.
  • Corrected structures.
  • Full iron zombie.


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and where did u download the texture packs
pls make more farm and more builds
como ago si no me daja darle al botón de descargar
please update to 1.21
não consigo baixar
the map is cool but it's not legit they have 30 dragon eggs El mapa está bien pero no es legítimo. Tienen 30 huevos de dragón.
Gracias a la granja de bloques de gravedad🕵️‍♂️
díganme tiene los logros activados?
dro me sale que uvo un erro en la importancia me ayudas a solucionarlo
Tal vez suceda por el tamaño del mundo, se puso haber dañado el archivo al descargar, puedes intentar descargar nuevamente, o importarlo manualmente a lo las carpetas del juego
ya lo resolví dro muchas gracias