SurvivalPlus V4.1 (Herobrine and Earth Wither!) Structures!

 100+ new items and mobs

download this add-on now and start up a massive survival world with all of your friends

have you ever dreamed of more tools and ores like java, well now your chance because your dream just became true

Perfect for survival worlds

ps: all swords and items work

ps: axes have higher damage than swords


most of the items added so far!

Silver ore 

Drops Silver Ingots 

(Textures has been redone)

Silver Ingots Can Craft Swords and Axes

Giant Skeleton

160 health and is a boss

attack range is now 100

Crystal Chicken

Drops Crystals which can craft swords and axes

now attacks more than once


Drops green apples, grapes, mint and corn

(more foods coming soon)

Water bottle 

To Craft put a glass potion with water inside it 

Copper Ore

Drops Copper Ingots

Copper Ingots Can Craft Swords And Axes

(Textures has been redone)

Beacon Crystal Sword

35 attack damage  (most powerful sword in the game so far)

Beacon Crystal Axe 

40 attack damage (most powerful axe in the game)

Lava Sword

5-13 attack damage

Ender Knights Sword 

2nd most powerful sword  (you can guess the attack damage)

might add ender knights as a mob later on if you want that!

Ender Knights Axe 

(have a guess)

Water Sword 

4-10 attack damage

Water Axe 

5-12 attack damage

Poop Sword

there’s now an in-game item called poop which you can eat 

Ruby Sword 

(pillagers now drop rubies)

5-16 attack damage

Ruby Axe

6-18 attack damage

Silver Axe

4-16 attack damage

Silver Sword 

4-16 attack damage

Undying Axe & sword 

joint 2nd best axe and sword 

SilverFish/Lightning update:

silverfish scales 

Silverfish king drops silver fish scales not normal silverfish

lightning sword

summons lightning and gives you fire resistance so lightning doesn’t kill you 

Textures and Bugs Update

Giant creeper 

has longer fuse time than the normal creeper and a bigger explosion 


Made the hearts texture look like hardcore hearts in java 

Hotbar now has numbers

Copper and silver ore has been retextured

Mob and Structure Update 

Credits to machine builder for helping me 

Chests now spawn around the map with Quest Books 

Herobrine — The Final Boss

Herobrine has super speed and shoots fireballs 

fireballs now have been buffed and can one-shot you with iron armor 

Herobrine drops his sword 

the sword gives you strength and fire resistance and in a 3-5 block radius gives all entities the wither effect  (doesn’t harm you) 

Earth Wither

Spawns in the overworld 

has a melee attack instead of wither skulls 

way weaker than the normal wither so it doesn’t drop nether stars 

End Skeleton

Shoots arrows like normal skeletons but has tons more health 

Drops ender bones to tame ender wolfs 

Spawns in all dimensions 

Ender Wolf 

Tameable with ender bone

changes color with dye 

Ender’s bone gives wolf a  health boost 

Bloody Wither Skeleton

Weaker attacks than the normal wither skeleton but have more health 

spawns anywhere in the nether 

Giant Enderman

Has a bloody texture

Spawns in end too 

The end now has more dragon eggs so you can spawn herobrine multiple times 

The end now has trees  

Mineshaft on the surface 

has the summon him book inside 

Giant Wolf

Has more health than a normal wolf

Tameable with bones 

Queen Bee

has tons more health than the normal bee

drops honeycomb

doesn’t attack back 

Zombie Brute

50 hearts 

Attacks anything 

Very dangerous 


BUG CHANGELOG      ~started from v3.1 

Giant skeletons now spawn less

Copper and Silver ores now spawn less 

Giant skeletons can now shoot further than the normal skeleton

Crystal chickens now attack more than once

Fixed an issue when worlds would crash due to giant skeletons spawning underground

Fixed an issue when ores would look at you 


fixed spawning issues 

fixed diamond sword recipe 

fixed copper and silver ores so they now spawn underground 

giant creeper now spawn less


Changed links to linkvertise 


Thank You Machine Builder  – go check out his video here —>

Next Update is guns  Stay tuned ūüôā 

Changelog View more

changed download links to linkvertise

download links changed removed 

added zombie brute

fixed diamond recipe 

added ender mobs

added giant enderman

fixed bug when ores spawn on the surface

ores spawn less

Changed picture 

Added herobrine

added herobrine items

fixed bugs

Giant skeletons spawn less

copper and silver ores textures changed 

crystal chickens now attack more than once 

fixed crash issues 

added new links

fixed some bugs

ores arnt buggy now 

added silverfishscales

added lightning sword

added lightning function 

added effects to lightning sword so it wont kill you

removed everything from prev versions 

added 100+ swords 

added two bosses 

redone textures

revamped the entire add-on

I removed adfly 

so the add-on is easier to download and adfly put malware ads which I didn't like 

new mobs coming soon

fixed some bugs

and turned up the weather spawn rate 

added more info 

tornados and floods now spawn less in game

updated images 

item damage has been changed

updated add-on info

added end sword

added end pickaxe 

changed the fire chain sword attack damage 


Changed back to linkvertise 

sorry guys for the wait 




Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16 RTX Beta

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32 Responses

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  1. Great addon, by could do with some better mobs and things along those lines, needs some improvements but it’s still good

  2. iiPlasma7 says:

    Did you.. Actually use MOBS for the ores!!?!? seriously..

  3. Kushtastrophe says:

    Cant even get close to the download BS Add wont let me through cause u used a bullsh’t shrinker

  4. Prismatic says:

    Can you use Mediafire because for me the links you put it on is glitched and idk why

  5. Prismatic says:

    You should make the giant skeletons be harder to fight, but the giant skeletons could drop giant skeleton bones and you can make weapons, sort of like the dragon bones from RLCraft but there are no fire or ice variants, and it’s only weapons

  6. Great addon and I am excited for further updates, just so you know custom armor and tools are being added soon so I’m looking forward to seeing that in your addon

  7. MalakaiVSGaming says:

    Everything is working very great, except the silverfish king isn’t dropping any scales, just the trophy. Is it bugged rn?

  8. Prismatic says:

    Hey, can you add something like silverfish scales that can be dropped by the silverfish king so there is a reward and with those scales you can make armor because I feel like new armor would be sick! And a cool idea

  9. Guest-8714209075 says:

    Contradicting to the removal of adfly the addon is much harder to download. Linkvertise forcing the installation of apps that take time. But hey I’m just one person so go at it

  10. Guest-3454080625 says:

    can you add a federal signal 2001 tornado siren to the link, to make it more real.

  11. Guest-2693866298 says:

    When I try to download at adfly we’ll it said allow something

  12. Guest-8180122956 says:

    I the tornado is actually has animation something live java and not just smoke particles and commands…

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