Suvile’s Slick Pack v0.1

This pack aims to be bright but detailed. This texture pack has been a passion project I have had for a while. Feed back makes up a big part of this pack so any feed back is welcomed!

This pack is still under heavy development, so non of these textures are final.  Before I show you these textures; please consider joining the Suvile’s Slick Pack Discord, where you can vote on what textures you would like while I am making them, the link will be at the bottom of the page after all the images and the pack trailer.

Pack trailer



Oak wood planks

Spruce wood planks

Birch wood planks

Jungle wood planks

Acacia wood planks

Dark oak wood planks

Coal ore

Iron ore

Gold ore

Redstone ore

Lapis ore

Emerald ore

Diamond ore

Quartz ore

Wooden sword

Stone sword

Iron sword

Golden sword

Diamond sword

Netherite sword

Wooden pickaxe

Stone pickaxe

Iron pickaxe

Golden pickaxe

Diamond pickaxe

Netherite pickaxe

Wooden axe

Stone axe

Iron axe

Golden axe

Diamond axe

Netherite axe

Wooden shovel

Stone shovel

Iron shovel

Golden shovel

Diamond shovel

Netherite shovel

Wooden hoe

Stone hoe

Iron hoe

Golden hoe

Diamond hoe

Netherite hoe

Fishing rod


Totem of undying

Ender pearl


Golden apple

Enchanted golden apple

Bow still

Bow pulling 1

Bow pulling 2

Bow pulling 3

I plan to keep working on this pack till all the vanilla textures are complete. I will still make other things, but im going to put alot of my focus on this pack. If you like the pack make sure to check out my social links




Suvile’s Slick Pack Discord

Changelog View more

I fixed the discord link at buttom of the page


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16



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  1. The Current Link To The Voting Discord Is Not Working So Intill I Fix It Please Use This Link

  2. Guest-4546788538 says:

    So much work on it! love it πŸ™‚

  3. Guest-5508987730 says:

    how to get black crosshair in one of the videos?

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