スミオ’s WW I I Addon

Have you ever wanted to revisit history in Minecraft? Perhaps re-enact famous scenarios? Or even just wanted firearms in the game? Well, let me tell you, this (should) be the addon for you!

First off: what is it?

This addons aims to provide as many high-quality firearms from the Second World War possible. There are currently (!) 15 weapons   -blades and guns included- for you to use to your heart’s content. I have decided to not include a reloading system, as it does not feel great to go into the inventory every 5 shots.

Second: how do I get them?

Follow this path of crafting:

Bingo bango now you’ve got a crate! Now what? Just place it on the ground and crack it open, and inside awaits your shiny new prize! 

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Link Update.

Not quite sure what the problem was, but it should work now. If not, tell me and comment. (Why is there a 10 word minimum??)


I am not responsible for any ads that you click, but can tell you that the only thing you should click is the ad skip button. Download files, put them at the top of the load order. EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY; DO NOT TELL ME IT DOESN'T WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE THIS ON!!!1!1!1!1!!1


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36 Responses

3.47 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-2920000549 says:

    Umm sir i did not craft but i used commands /function arisaka1 -_-

  2. Guest-4795829223 says:

    Cool add-on bro I will rate 5 star for your hard work guys shut your mouth it’s not racist go to school kiddos because your calling someone racist but your making no sense bruhhhhh

  3. Guest-7927853164 says:

    The addon makes the lever texture weird can u fix please

  4. Guest-7333958331 says:

    Hello, the Addon is so cool!! But can you please make flintlock pistol Addon?

    • Guest-7537919359 says:

      This is me(developer) from a computer:
      I actually have made one with a flintlock pistol. I think you can check on my profile or by searching my name. Thank you for trying this one!

  5. Guest-1452566331 says:

    Hi, so im having a problem shooting the weapon it wont work, i have experimental gameplay and ive tried everything i dont know if theres some sort of ammo i need. If you can help i would appreciate that very much.

  6. Guest-6202745798 says:

    I cant craft anything. the add ons are downloaded and are active on my world.

  7. Guest-4943689825 says:

    Weapons dont shoot

  8. Guest-7366201148 says:

    Hi I just downloaded this one but I don’t know why I can’t get any firearms or blades as mentioned.

    • スミオ says:

      Are you in Experimental Gameplay mode? If so, then did you open a crate? To do so, just go to the construction creative tab, garb some crates, go into survival, and open them.

  9. AzozGamer936 says:

    Reminds me of the WW2 clans that I killed in olden days. Great addon.

  10. MartinZ says:

    Best weapon addon so far I suppose I’ve been waiting for the link for a whole day and it didn’t let me down, Nice job and thanks for this fantastic addon!

  11. Guest-6649628671 says:

    Bro april fools is done its not funny

  12. Guest-8685561344 says:

    How is it racist

  13. スミオ says:

    How, may I ask, would this come across as racist? And, furthermore, to whom???? This is baffling stuff here, mate.

  14. Guest-7391971674 says:

    Both link not work

  15. Guest-1353753169 says:

    The updated link still doesn’t work

  16. Guest-8547286675 says:

    The link does not work even the update link

  17. Anonymous says:

    just use mediafire for link please

  18. Guest-5417743346 says:

    It still doesn’t work

  19. Guest-2917121985 says:

    Da error el link solo dice 400

  20. Guest-3986892548 says:

    The link won’t work please fix it

  21. Guest-6579986837 says:

    The addon seems really cool but I cant reach the mediafire link because it says error 400

  22. Guest-6506115779 says:

    this addon is pretty racist tbh

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