Published on January 12, 2023 (Updated on January 22, 2023)

Swagcasters SUV and Pickup Truck Pack V2

Swagcaster is back at it again with more vehicles, This time creating a mod which adds 2 new vehicle types to the game. This mod not only adds the popular American Sport Utility vehicle, the Chevy Suburban but it also adds the even more popular Chevy Silverado base and extended cab models and with 12 colors available for each vehicle as well as 3 additional vehicles including a Suburban Police Package.

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Added Extended cab option to the Silverado with the same colors
added a livery for the extended cab

Corrected introduction to specify the suburban having a police package
added discord link to introduction


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Looks very good. How about the Chevrolet Astro? those were also very popular in the 90s.
Chevy Astro is coming next as an update to my van pack in the next update, ive got about 10 colors plus the pimp version as almost all my cars have