Swamp Boat Add-on

This add-on adds boats with chest to your game! New swamp biome boats announced at Minecon 2019 biome vote. This boats spawn naturally in the swamp biome, with an attached chest. You can use this new boat with chest to carry your items!

Creator: Team Infinite Minds (Twitter Account), Jean Lucas (Twitter Account)

How does it work?

Boats with chest spawn naturally on swamp rivers, their chance of spawning is rare. You can also summon a swamp boat with the following command: /summon minecraft:boat ~ ~ ~ swamp_boat.

By having a chest in its back seat, the swamp boat only has one seat for carrying a player or some other mob. When broken, the swamp boat drop a simple oak boat. And the chest, if has any items in inventory, drops all items.


Click on "Download Add-on", and check the captcha box "I'm not a robot". After that, click on "Continue". Wait 15 seconds, and click again to continue. After that, download the Add-on via Mediafire!

To activate in the world just activate the resource, which the behavior will be installed together. Or activate behavior, that the resource will also be installed together!

If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this page on MCPEDL!


Supported Minecraft versions


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29 Responses

3.63 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Some Guy says:

    Idea: interactable using chests and if done, will add chesy

  2. F.E.C.Y says:

    Can you make it to where the boat is craftable with different woods?
    The crafting could be of a normal boat but on top of the shovel is a chest

  3. Blocky Gamer says:

    This is super cool but can you make it to where you don’t have to look for it in the swamp just have a chest and right click a boat to add the chest too it

  4. Sam says:

    Hey I love your addon,in the future could you work on modern boats and modern military boats. Like Naval ships,beach boats,navy patrol boat,etc

  5. End Crafter 16 says:

    Make them CRAFTABLE and also match them with the in game wood types like (Oak, Spruce, Acacia, Jungle,Birch, and Dark Oak)!

  6. unknown says:

    i was just going to search this addon and boom right on the headpage

  7. Penguin says:

    whyis is not working

  8. DaAppuDaMcpe says:

    Make it so that it doesn’t spawn naturally.
    You can spawn a normal boat and right click to attach chest to it. Use the transformation component and refer the llama behaviour file for more info.


    i liked it but there was a bit of a bug or problem

    the bug/problem there was no chest when i summoned it
    but at least you got a boat out of it 🙂

  10. Xenon says:

    When will you make it so we the player can actually craft the boatchests?

  11. Plasma7007 says:

    This is really nice, but if the boat is on hoppers, or on water flowing over hoppers, will the items transfer?

  12. DrMongoooooose says:

    Great adydon, can I recommend that you make the chest entity spawn egg craftable, to make a chest entity we can put in our boats in survival, instead of having to find the boat or summon one

  13. Stop spamming addons into existence. Please stop.

  14. CravenTuber says:

    Can you make add-on for sNoWIeR SnOwO

  15. Alesscreeper says:

    Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

  16. Mikail2009 says:

    Can you do the frogs and mangrove trees as well pls.

  17. HerobrineClare says:

    Hello author, I am a Chinese, can I share your mod to minecraft China edition?
    thank you.

  18. GilanocoolsEvilTwin says:

    I dont get why people chosed mountains instead of this

  19. You should have it drop a chest too. I’m sure that wouldn’t be hard. Or is only possible to make it drop one type of item?

  20. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    Hey its almost Halloween can you make a Halloween mod

  21. Sonic says:

    Why it’s working only for 1.13

  22. Indev says:

    You need to change the texture of the chests, as a developer from Mojang, The chests are supposed to look like the normal Survival chest. The only reason it looks different on biome vote is Because the textures in the biome vote are completely different from the the Normal Minecraft textures. Take for example the grass, it looks completely different from the Minecraft textures. Plus the goats will look different from what the biome vote shows. The eyes will not look sideways textured. That’s all I can say Right now

  23. you don't need to know my name says:

    looks nice!

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