The Swamp doesn’t have much to it except witches and slimes.

The swamp is spooky by itself but I added a creature that makes it even more terrifying. The creature will stare at you from a distance until you get closer.

The SwampMonster

Made by: Dredding2000

WATCH OUT!!! The SwampMonster will steal your loot. If you die near it he will take your valuable items.

The SwampMonster will take iron ingots, iron swords and armor, diamonds, diamond swords and armor, bread, wheat, carrots, and potatoes.

But don’t worry. If you kill it then you get your stuff back and a little extra.

The SwampMonster doesn’t just attack players. The SwampMonster also attacks sheep, iron golems, and villagers.

When struck by lightning. The SwampMonster mutates and is stronger, faster, and even more terrifying. This mob will drop the Heart of the Sea every time.

The SwampMonser has 200 health and 12 attack damage.

The mutated SwampMonster. has 250 health. and 15 attack damage.

The SwampMonster spawns in the day and at night. At night their eyes light up, So keep an eye out for them or listen for their growls. For these will kill you and take your valuables.


Added the ability for the swamp monster to have “projectiles”.

The normal swamp monster “picks up a block from the ground and throws it”.

The struck swamp monster shoots a beam out its eye.


Slowed down attack speed for both mobs

Animation help from BendyTheDemon18


Changelog View more

  • Added a throwable stone to the normal swamp monster.
  • Added a beam attack to the struck swamp monster.
  • Fixed the attack speed to match the animation.

Added YouTube Video like from JoshTGS to help understand my add-on.

Added a short skit of the Swamp Monster,

Gave thanks to BendyTheDemon18 for helping me with the attack animation.

Removed unnecessary  files,

Fixed the attack animation for the SwampMonsters


  • Click the download
  • Scroll down and press FREE ACCESS 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.200 1.16.201

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46 Responses

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  1. KarimZerai says:

    Looks really good but the linkvertise link wont load btw i never have a problem with linkvertise or adfly but i feel bad for asking but could you please add an adfly link or direct link?

  2. VenomVox says:

    I loaded this onto my realm, And everything seems to work fine, but the mutated version does not attack at all, he just walks around and does nothing.
    not even attacking animals or villagers.
    I love the design and concept, and just want it to work properly so I can give 5 stars.
    great job!

  3. Metal sulvio says:

    add more species to lake monster

  4. MrEnd says:

    Could you add a spawn egg for the struck swamp monster? And can you make it that the struck swamp monster hunts the smaller swamp monsters.

  5. Do you guys think Linkvertise is better than Adfly?

  6. Guest-5561113285 says:

    Great. Great skin, animations, ability, attack, useable in survival, and even exp and good loot. Make some good nether mobs.

  7. Guest-3569422595 says:

    Wow It Looks Awesome Dredding! With you model building Skills Do you think you Can make a working Jet/plane? There are not to many on this Site that work properly:/ Cheers from Canada!

  8. Guest-7252562163 says:

    hello friend I liked your mod a question could you make an addon like Mowzie’s implemented in yours

  9. Guest-9949567857 says:

    hello friend I liked your mod a question could you make an addon like Mowzie’s implemented in yours

  10. Guest-2127651447 says:

    Y’all know it IS Shrek. but Shrek is a good guy.

  11. Guest-9894950076 says:

    Awesome can you create more addon like herobrine can you herobrine glowing he’s eyes and much scary and he can chat with you but the original herobrine mod in mcpedl not working the link I’m so sad to see that but can you create the herobrine mod I know you can do it

  12. Guest-3975956755 says:

    Aim sorry I don’t know

  13. Guest-9837345258 says:


  14. Guest-5246817477 says:

    make a mediafire lnk no adfly or dropbox just direct mediafire

  15. MARVEL FAN111 says:

    OK Thanks He Now Work 🙂

  16. Retry now. I had to update it to fix the animation

  17. MARVEL FAN111 says:

    The Link Don’t Work He Say Link is removed

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