Swap Bots Alpha 1

Swap Bots is a single-player puzzle map with a unique feature. You play as two different robots that work together to solve puzzles. The gameplay is simple but the puzzles will get challenging.


At the moment, the map is only an alpha test. In the alpha, you play the tutorial that is set inside a simulation, and the first few tests of the full game. The story currently has no spoilers as all of the dialogue will change to tell the actual story. 

Meet Marco and Polo

The two robots you play finally have personalities of their own. These two robots were designed as an artificial intelligence test to see if one AI mind could think and act for two different robots.

*Marco on the left, Polo on the right*

Welcome to Robo Corp

Robo Corp is where Marco and polo were born. You get to explore a small area of the testing floor at Robo Corp and you see a small portion of how the facility is designed. You will meet Ian, another AI experiment that Robo Corp designed in their earlier days. You will learn more about him at a later release. 

The future is in your hands

These tests are important, this technology can help humanity advance into a new age. You can’t let your creators down… Don’t let us down.

Do not play in multiplayer, as this will break everything and the map will be unplayable

Changelog View more
  • Changed how some of the tutorial levels work
  • Added what I'm calling "Chapter Zer0"
  • Changed a lot of textures and sounds
  • Changed the Spawn a bit
  • You can now skip the tutorial if you played the earlier demo
  • Put a story "easter egg" on the download page


If you would like a .ZIP download

  • Right-click the .mcworld file
  • Select "Rename"
  • Change .mcworld to .zip
  • Press Enter/Return


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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56 Responses

4.9 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-7691822291 says:

    it doesn’t work because of the auto install

  2. Mixtongent73 says:

    This map is cool! Can’t wait for it to finish! (P.S. Put me in the book as Mixtongent73)

  3. Sans says:

    Can I be put in the book pls

  4. hhh123 says:

    this was a really great map!! i couldn’t get past the axe and sign part though. can somebody tell me how to do it? i love this map so much and when the demo came out i was sad that there wasn’t more, but when alpha came out so happy.

  5. ariel says:

    hey can you put my name Baldingfox77558 in map I am alpha tster

  6. Exty says:

    The best map I’ve ever played!! 😮 keep on the good work! Can you put my name on the book? Exty

  7. Shrynx says:

    Pls put my name shrynx

  8. George says:

    Hey i also played it and it was cool can you put my name? MouldyCascade82

  9. Creep7o7 says:

    Can you?
    Put my name as creep7o7

    Is for my YouTube channel

  10. Ramses says:

    write my name on the book i played the game already my user id is ralphbradley

  11. Grane1234 says:

    Could you add me as WantedMario123 in the book?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Name as shad

  13. MJLCanadaUSA73 says:

    Can you put me down as MJLCanadaUSA73

  14. Star GasMa says:

    Please put me as Star GasMa in the book.

  15. Sir Chaton says:

    This is actually a really cool map! I enjoyed this map very much.

  16. ThePenguinLords says:

    Pls put me as ThePenguinLords

  17. Jeff says:

    Please put me as StarWarsNerd342

  18. Abd says:

    hello i just wanna say that this map has a cool concept that ive never seen before and im looking forward to it improving, the texture pack was actually nice, didnt expect to see borderless stained glass.
    if you wanna add me as a alpha tester my gamertag is ABD360G

  19. DannyTheDino says:

    Could you put my name as alpha tester? My name is AwesomeBoy16398

  20. EmeraldTNTking says:

    10/10 awesome map i would really love to see it develop. Also I an a youtuber and my name it EmeraldTNTking. Once this comes out fully just email me and I will make a video for it on my channel.

  21. Minecrafter says:

    It’s a really cool map! But I can’t seem to complete the axe and sign part. Please put me in the book as CookiePink. Thanks! Also looking forward to the full map.

  22. DonutMaster56 says:

    Sorry if my comment got posted twice, but I played it

  23. Anonymous says:

    I played it

  24. TiaraRenee says:

    It was really fun! Can you put my name under As TiaraRenee02. Loved the map!

  25. KC says:

    Can you But Dark_Wolf (My gamertag) in the alpha testers please? I thought It was really fun and enjoyed doing all the puzzles, 10/10

  26. Megamush says:

    Too bad that the elevator doesn’t work

  27. Supercrafter008R says:

    I love this map
    For the book:Supercrafter008
    If i find any bug i will post it here so you can fix it

  28. Supercrafter008 says:

    For the alpha tester book name:Supercrafter008
    I found the map amazing and it was something new
    But also a new concept to control 2 player
    I will play the full version

  29. MrLacks says:

    Hey can I record this map as my first video on YouTube? It was a great map the alpha was super good as well

  30. GamerTaj says:

    I think I broke my map XD
    Love the story aspect

  31. GamerTaj says:

    I think I accidentally broke my map but it was great and I love the story aspect that you added

  32. SwallowFF says:

    Is there a way I can play it in an apple device braises it only says I can right click

  33. This looks impressive. I’ll try it when it gets an official release.

  34. JCTMasterchief says:

    This was a good map but maybe make the puzzles a little bit easier, the last one was a struggle to beat! Otherwise from that, it was a great map!

  35. Im looking forward to the development of this map.

  36. GamerTaj says:

    Glad for another update
    Can I record it?

  37. ariel says:

    i already know its gonna be good

  38. radlord says:

    can you add me to the book. btw this is a really cool map.

  39. MJLCanadaUSA73 says:

    I will probably really enjoy the full version of this map.

  40. GamerTaj says:

    Here’s the video
    Please support me

  41. DannyTheDino says:

    This was honestly one of the best puzzle maps ever! I really mean it! Look forward to seeing the full version

  42. EeeBee says:

    I’m working on an extended demo right now (alpha) it will contain some more to play (actually challenging puzzles) and a story introduction. I’m working as fast as I can on this, thanks for the support 🙂

  43. GamerTaj says:

    Hi I recorded a video on your map and I’m planning to upload it to my channel as soon as it’s uploaded I’ll leave the link to it

  44. Johndrie says:

    This was honestly one of the BEST AND COOLEST MAPS I’VE EVER PLAYED!! This is a really creative and enjoyable map for everyone to play! Hopefully in the future this will have the full version of the map. After the full map is being released, I will then do a Minecraft video about this!
    I’m looking forward to this map! 😃


    when i downloaded it it said that a newer version has saved this level

  46. Darez says:

    tutorial video please

  47. kasper says:

    i enjoyed this well made map, good luck in making the ful version 😀

  48. Dermeister says:

    Great map! I would like to play a full version

  49. Thomas says:


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