SWAT Addon

Many people like SWAT or police cars, so if you want to drive a SWAT Truck and fight for justice? Then you are at the right place! 

This Addon includes one SWAT Truck  (more updates will come) that you can drive. 

Arrest bad people and fight for justice! Or just drive arround the Minecraft world

The SWAT Truck has seats for 2 persons.


Chest included: 

How to get: 

You can type /summon s:swat_black to summon it. 
Find it on the creative inventory under the name: swat

                                  Your personal Bodyguard:



Two SWAT soldiers are your personal Bodyguards and protect you from the terrible monsters in the Minecraft universe. 

How to get the Soldiers? 

Through  the creative inventory

OR: with /summon soldier:human

What can they do? 

If you tame/pay the soldier, they will act as your personal Bodyguards and protect you from all the mobs. 

The soldiers use a gun to protect you. 

How to tame/pay the soldiers? 

Just give them some gold and they will follow you everywhere.

But if the soldier gets killed by zombies, he will turn evil and try to kill you.


Attention !

The Add-On is still in Beta, so there could be some bugs. If you find some bugs please report on the MCPEDL comments. This is also my first model, so feedback is appreciated.


If you do not activate experimental Gameplay, it will not work!

If you want to look like a SWAT member, get one of the SWAT Skins from my SkinPack
SkinPack: MCPEDL Link 

I created the Model with Blockbench. Visit Blockbench

Planned Updates: 

  • Helicopter
  • guns
  • more cars/trucks

Every download supports me to continue my work and update the Addon.
Thanks for everyone downloading my Addon. 

By: CaramelKingdom (Enderboy HD 1) 

Changelog View more

Bug fixes 

  • the Swat Truck spawner will not make your game lag anymore
  • removed a duplicated gif from the descpription 
  • Two SWAT soldiers where added to be your personal Bodyguards and protect you from the terrible monsters in the Minecraft universe. 
  • The soldiers have gun sounds
  • SWAT truck is a bit slower now 
  • new installation information 
  • wheels are bigger
  • fixed some colors 
  • new download link
  • Thanks note 
  • added Blockbench 
  • planned updates 

Admin Feedback:

Please don't require "Add Add-on" on Linkvertise

~ it is removed 


Before complaining and asking how to install the Addon, watch our YouTube Video!

Here is a help video for Pc: Help Video  

Here is a help video for IOS: Help Video IOS


by downloading the Addon through Linkvertise, you will NOT get a virus. Maybe your antivirus will detect it as an adware/unwanted program because of the ads, The ads can be declined.

You can check Linkvertise here: Visit Linkvertise
Check the Linkvertise articel that explains that there is No virus: Visit blog

No need to pay, to get the Addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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83 Responses

4.4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. ZakemeGc says:

    Can you make the guns 3d

  2. Guest-9664869596 says:

    Anyone finding this umm just turn the file zip and use quick look to look in the zip and press share to minecraft and thats it

  3. Guest-6548013036 says:

    Any plan on adding planes???

  4. Guest-5634824324 says:

    This addon is great for my city map 😀 even trough it’s in early development

  5. Guest-8481211202 says:

    Why is the download a .exe format?

  6. Guest-2759434511 says:

    Can u tell me how to download it. I donnu about the website

  7. Guest-7707657680 says:

    Taking you a few weeks to make a player skinned entity damn is it that hard leme guess next update is gonna be next week and all you will add is a follow and stay command for the swat soldier. Heh lazy

  8. Guest-5103976264 says:

    Can you make the file to mcpack or zip because i am on xbox and can you also add 3d guns like scp does please great addon.

  9. Guest-7340894242 says:

    I don’t know if the previous kinks work but for me, this one is broken. Even though other addons that have used linkvertise has worked. Could you please look into this

  10. Guest-5677695043 says:

    I’m not like linkverstise

  11. Guest-1580952076 says:

    cau you pls add a gun that i can use 😁😁😁

  12. GreatHeroPeter says:

    cmon just use adlyfy its better than linktervise i cant even download the mod

  13. Guest-4163100718 says:

    It would be better if you add wait follow command

  14. Guest-5472922999 says:

    and i already know you are going to ignore this just like the other comment
    👇 👇

  15. Guest-4700238961 says:

    Is there a gun that i can use ???????

  16. Guest-4137040254 says:

    Don’t use linvertise!!! Even adfly is better!! 🙁

    And please put a direct media fire link some where

  17. Guest-9886743850 says:

    A very good and great complement, I really love the little detail that I could leave you to improve is diets, the task for the swat soldier who can defend himself not only from zombies, that is, even when he is not tamed, he attacks hostile mobs and during this, being It could also put an attack under the player’s orders, for example if it hits an enemy or even a player that the soldiers attack, since it could also serve for role maps like those of The Walking Dead, thus becoming a very complete complement that many content creators … a server for example we could use for many video maps, and other details such as taking the article from the swat car makes the game somewhat laggy as much as it is in experimental game, that’s all what could leave you in response to improve this add-on that followed it since it came out for the truth is very good, thanks and good luck 👌✌👍

  18. Guest-7331121869 says:

    hey can you please make another link? because linkvertise makes me pay money you can keep the link but can you add another thats like adfly or a direct mediafire link
    thank you for reading this!

  19. Guest-6061798183 says:

    Hey would it be possible to add like handcuffs taser gun and more swat and police équipement that would be awesome

  20. Guest-5058441282 says:

    good addon but why did you make it? just wanting to know

  21. Guest-5645821419 says:

    Here’s some suggestions

    1. Add a phone and you will call on the phone like 911 and the vehicle with swats will gonna go for you

    2. Maybe add some guns (not 3D but if you can it’s Ok)

    3.add functions to cops,criminals,guns

    5.make the vehicle not too fast

    And thanks for you for reading this keep up your good work nice models and code and the creator are hardwork I cheer you up.

  22. Guest-4151968381 says:

    Pleas still support minecraft 1.14+ pleasssssssssssdssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssdssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssdssssssssssssssssssssss

  23. Unknown format says:

    Link is stupid!!!😠😠😠😡😡😡

  24. Can you somehow turn on sirens? Of yes how.

  25. Guest-4855648280 says:

    I do want to know waht was going through your head when you did this stupid link
    Can you do a direct link

    Your help video is to fast and im on a ( Galaxy tab s6 )

    And im shure the addon is good but its a shame that i cant download this
    and if you look in the comments you can see other people who sais the link is bad
    Dosent that even make you think about Fixing the link

    Oh and if you klick the wrong link you get a virus
    The reason i send this comment is because I think it gave me a virus but im not shure


  26. Guest-7581271610 says:

    Im on a I PAD your (Help video)is no help at all
    Do a better link bro 😑

  27. Guest-4464359846 says:

    Your link is stupid just do add fly not this dunb link 😡

  28. Guest-8523562595 says:

    Yow man can i use this on my youtube channel???

  29. Guest-9747647663 says:

    Hello so um if you can’t do those things then ask JS, Bendythedemon to help you how to do those things.

  30. Guest-2852887103 says:

    How do i download this the link is so dumb 🙁

  31. Guest-2779187907 says:

    The download link is stupid why do you do it like this 😒😒😒

  32. Guest-4823427117 says:

    Can you add a gun ?

  33. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Add SWAT soldiers

  34. Guest-3853134368 says:

    When I try to download I visit a site that downloads the virus
    Please change to a direct link or change to adfly

  35. Guest-3851390790 says:

    The vehicle is Too fast, make it medium speed

  36. Guest-9838499836 says:

    Please make a swat team mob. It could be very useful

  37. Guest-7253258490 says:

    Hey. Heres just alot suggestions. U dont have to do them

    Criminals with guns

    Smoke grenade
    Flash bang
    Riot shield

    Normal police cars
    Normal cars


  38. Guest-8675237546 says:

    plz make the guns 3d that would make me so happy i would download immediantley if it had 3d models

  39. Guest-1064884882 says:

    Pls make a 3d gun costume cuz i like this addon very much pls make a 3d gun like m4,mp5,shotgun,sniper ohh pls dear creator plsss i begging i love your addon so much

  40. Guest-3641201303 says:

    Turn this mod into a police mod, with police cars, trucks, helicopters, and boats

  41. Guest-6884353732 says:

    Hey:D, Add some animations on it
    Nice addon btw

  42. Ataya says:

    Very good add-on I really like I can put it in my police station

  43. AriaCraft says:

    You should try adding some weapons like a custom 3d gun riot shield a Apache helicopter swat units and police cars

  44. Guest-1668941344 says:

    Who next Addon is it

  45. Guest-4476558981 says:

    Make the link for Mediafire,without Linkvertise please.

  46. Guest-4801022038 says:

    Hey! Here is some feedback! So I opened this in my world successfully and realized multiple problems.
    1:it’s way to fast for a truck

    2: try making wheels bigger because it just looks wrong

    3try copying a irl model of a swat truck.

    4:you don’t have to listen to me

    5:try adding a riot vehicle

    And that’s it!

  47. Guest-4561779937 says:

    Really great models

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