Sweet Foods (Add-On) [1.12+]

Enjoy to your favorite habits of Sweetness taste with SweetFoods Add-On! With 11 new in-game items – some sweetness include Ice Creams and more! Now added into your Minecraft game.

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v1.4

Crafting & Usage

  I. Basic Ingredients & Recipes

  • Before we craft the main foods, we’ll need to have some of its ingredients first! Let’s start with the basics – make a Flour with two wheat.


  • These are the Milk Bottles. You cannot just pour a bucket of Milk – it’ll not be the right amount! So, we’ll need to divide the Milks in the bucket into eight atleast where a bottle can hold. To do this, sorround the Milk Bucket with Glass Bottles in your Crafting Table! You can also convert back Milk Bottles into Buckets!

  • Added: Cake Slices. You can also slice cake that your hands can hold and also eat. No need to place the Cake on the ground to eat it – when you can slice it THEN eat it!

  • Vanilla Extracts cannot be crafted yet. To obtain this item, type /give @s sweetfoods:vanilla_extract in the in-game chat. There are also other SweetFood items that you can easily obtain – even without crafting:

  II. Secondary Ingredients

  • These are ingredients or recipes where items are either used from the Basic Ingredients. We’ll also need some of those Biscuits! To craft, we’ll need two flour and one sugar. 

  • To craft an Ice Cream Cone, we’ll need five Biscuits in a v-shaped form in your Crafting Table! As you can see below:

  • Chocolates! Yay! These are simple items indeed. We’ll need 3 Milk Bottles, a Flour, 2 Cocoa Beans for rich flavour and taste, and finally, 3 Sugar to craft 3 chocolate bars.

  III. Tertiary Ingredients & Recipes

  • Finally, the third-level recipes includes ingredients from either the second or first levels. Here, third-level recipes include such as your favorite Ice Cream!

IV. MCPEDL Ice Cream

  • Brainfreeze: You’ll get this effect with 0.8 chance, if so, you will gain Slowness for the next 10 seconds after eating.
  • Inspire: You’ll get this effect with 0.2 chance, if so, you will gain Strength for the next 2 minutes after eating!
  • To craft, combine all three Tertiary Level Ingredient (Ice Creams) in the correct order and place Ice to keep it cool!


More Information

  • Just skip the ad by clicking the ‘top-left’ yellow button on the page. And you should be redirected to mediafire to download the add-on. Ad only lasts for 5-15 seconds to support this add-on.
  • Do not distribute unfairly or without my permission. 
  • Experimental Gameplay must be enabled.

Changelog View more
  • Updated download link

Note to admin: don't show on homepage, thank you!

  • MCPEDL Ice Cream. Exclusive add-on item available to download only to MCPEDL.
  • Vanilla Extract. Currently unobtainable via Crafting. In the meantime, please use the give command!
  • Texture Changes. Ice Creams do not look very well as they should've been! But now they are!
  • Weird Taste. "Bag of Flour" item can no longer be eaten in-game.
  • Other changes. 


  • Tweaked Chocolate Bar recipe. As suggested in the comments.
  • Tweaked description texts.

Additions & Fixes

  • No Additions yet.
  • Fixed some issue in regards to textures, etc


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-9596991243 says:

    Actually, your brain doesn’t freeze, it’s just that your palate gets very cold, and it makes the sense that “your brain” is very cool. Also, if your brain really freezes, you won’t be able to live, because your blood would coagulate because of the cold, and it would freeze the other blood and then it wouldn’t circulate blood around the brain, then you will suffer from a awareness lose.

  2. Guest-9462745730 says:

    This addons cool!!!

  3. PancakeEeveeUwU says:

    Did not work.

  4. PancakeEevee says:

    Did not work.

  5. kirito SAMA says:

    How to make a vanilla?

  6. Jordyn ? says:

    How the hell do I download this?

    • Guest-6871809753 says:

      You press the link under ‘Downloads’ which is in bold letters and very visible. Being rude won’t get you anywhere in life young lady, but I will help you just this once. Hope you have a good life!

  7. uwu says:

    bruh there’s a mod repost of this on for-Minecraft where the owner claimed to be the author of ur mod, he does this with many mods. Just something to think about and maybe try to shut down.

  8. Lilly says:

    It’s not working,I downloaded it then it won’t appear!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey the mod worked and it’s fun

  10. JoshyPenguin says:

    Trash. I downloaded it and applied it and it didn’t work

  11. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    How do you make the vanila extract

  12. Xynnful says:

    The link works fine, don’t know why people can’t get to the mediafire website

  13. keeley says:

    i have read comments and i also cannot do it

  14. ShawnGx says:

    I can’t use the link pls fix it

  15. cmon says:

    cant use the link

  16. Anonymous says:

    Please add this crafting recipie:- 8 milk bottles and a bucket –>Milk Bucket

  17. Legendfox says:

    Would love to have it but Can’t download it

  18. DaAppuDaMcpe says:

    Can I use the cake piece texture in mt add-on please? I will give credits

  19. Zcoffee says:

    is there some way you could make them edible? it would be a even greater addon if you could eat what you make

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m really confused as to how I can download it? If you could, could you please explain it to me? I think I might have followed the instructions wrong

  21. Shaiel says:

    Is this addon works on android

  22. JasonD4 says:

    You need to craft it or use commands but you must turn on Use Experimental GamePlay.

  23. Panda says:

    Man i downloaded the addon and i activated but i cant eee any of these items and i am using mcpe bedrock edition 1.12.06

  24. Player says:


  25. MCPEcola says:

    The INGRIDIENTS is so expensive. Yes I love it but I hate its too expensive Ingridients. Improve it more

  26. Mont paton says:

    the mod Wont load the items and i cantg get any of them

  27. Mont paton says:

    the mod wont load the items

  28. ... says:

    Can for minecraft 1.11?

  29. EdThePleb_ says:

    I tried and got all the way to putting on the pack and all in mcpe but it says that there are missions dependence’s which are most likely the crafting recipes cause I can’t craft the items plz reply

  30. Trevy says:

    This is a very cool addon, one of the few that I actually enjoy!

  31. UwU says:

    I have to use a computer but I don’t want to do all of this extra work. When I try to download it becomes .ZIP! This irritates me please find a way to change the way it files

  32. Tikolu says:

    Chocolate should be made from Cocoa Beans, not flour…

  33. ChocolateMallows says:

    Ummm,I think the ice are to much for the ice cream…Maybe that’s why it doesn’t melt

  34. Lil says:

    Finally you can make ice cream in minecraft I love this addon!

  35. Wizard of Game says:

    The flour in the chocolate recipe should be replaced with cocoa beans.

    • r4isen1920 says:

      Hmm.. Yes! Nice. Thats more like into a chocolate. I’ll implement it sooner

      • Gah! I don’t believe it! My comment was noticed and appreciated! Thanks for changing. How about new cakes? E.g. berry, chocolate, cheese. Also, could you make a new item called ice cubes, which you can get by putting ice into a crafting table? This would definitely help with how expensive the ice cream is. Last but not least, maybe you could add new foods items to then thelp in the creation of other foods? Things like bananas, cotton candy, chocolate chips, mint, frosting, batter, cherries, cups, etc? I know I can rely on you to read the comments, which is satisfying. Hope to hear your response soon,

        ~Wizard of Game

  36. Jasmine Ayala says:

    Would it be possible to make this a .mcpack download? I’m not sure how to use a zip file. Thank you

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