Today TwitchTube brings you a beautiful add-on from the SWEETUPDATE saga that will fill your world with beautiful and sweet creatures, a complement full of beautiful creatures and sweet objects that you can eat.

This add-on adds 24 new entities and 22 new consumable items 

The entities are:

-Yellow cotton candy sheep

-Blue cotton candy sheep

-Mint cotton candy sheep

-Purple Cotton Candy Sheep

-Orange Cotton Candy Sheep

-Yellow sugar cow

-Purple sugar cow

-Orange sugar cow

-Blue sugar cow

-Green sugar cow

-Yellow sugar creper

-Green sugar creper

-Blue sugar creper

-Purple sugar creper

-Orange sugar creper

-Blue gelatin pig

-Green gelatin pig

-Yellow Jelly Pig

-Aqua gelatin pig

-Red gelatin pig

-Orange gelatin pork

-Purple Jelly Pork

-Hate boss (a pet that you can put a mount on, when killing it drops minerals)

-Demon spore (this entity appears all over the world and is very dangerous as a team)


Donuts 5 types:

Blue donuts

Green donuts

Yellow donuts

Pink donuts

Purple donuts

Cotton candy 5 types:

Blue cotton candy

Green cotton candy

Yellow cotton candy

Purple cotton candy

Orange cotton candy

Ice cream 5 types:

Orange ice cream

Grape ice cream

Mint ice cream

Blackberry icecream

Lemon ice cream

Sweets 5 types:

Candy can give you:

Berris confit (speed)

Strawberry confit (regeneration)

Orange Confit (saturation)

Lemon confit (hop)

Blackberry Confite (night vision)

Yellow Confit (instant health)

Confita de Acua (aquatic respiration)

By BrunoBeer and MarcoGamer



TwitchTubeCreators ©


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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