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Published on December 26, 2015 (Updated on December 26, 2015)

Switch Mod

The Switch Mod adds plenty of new features which in several ways will improve your control over your gameplay. All new features are easily accessible through a simple but powerful graphical user interface. Some of the useful features include the possibilities to switch gamemodes, control the time of day and teleporting. But there's also some more fun features such as walking on water and through blocks, riding mobs and more.

Creator: Kairus Dark Seeker

How does it work?

Press the S(switch) button in the top-right of the screen to access the available options. Let's have a look at what some of the features offer.

One of the features which you can enable is the possibility to walk on liquid blocks.

Another neat option is the possibility to enable "Saddle Up" and being able to ride any mob simply by tapping on it.

If you want to kill any mobs that are in a radius of 12 blocks around you then enable the strong auro and you can be sure no one will get near you.

Another neat feature is the mob health indicators. It will tell you the name of the mob and the health status.

The X-Ray function allows you to look through thick walls and see tunnels hidden further away. It's really useful when you are deep underground and want to find an easier way up.

All Features

  • Switch between survival/creative mode, day/night
  • Set home coordinates
  • Teleport to home coordinates
  • Create teleport locations
  • Kill command, sets your health to zero
  • Set spawn position
  • Walk through blocks
  • Strong aura (kills any mobs within a 12 block radius)
  • Speed hack (increased walking speed)
  • Speed mine (mine much faster)
  • Sniper bow (zoom function)
  • No fall damage
  • Walkable liquid blocks (walk on water and lava)
  • Show coordinates (displays active coordinates in the center of the screen)
  • High jump (jump two blocks high)
  • Derp (head starts spinning)
  • Tap spammer (chat spam)
  • Tap nuker
  • Tap build TNT
  • Fly
  • 64 item drop (everything you mine will drop as stacks (64 items) instead of single drops)
  • Jetpack
  • Knockback attack
  • Saddle up (tap any mob to ride it)
  • Climber (climb up walls by walking into them)
  • Godmode (sets player's health to 40)
  • PvP / PvE HP regeneration
  • Parachute (safe landing)
  • Mob health indicator (show mobs names and current health)
  • X-Ray (place block to activate)

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I wish they had it on mediafire and they still had it up especially for pc users like me.
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link is broke
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This is a joke I click download and it takes me to this crappy EE phone shop.
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I'm sorry for not being able to download it but you should try again because it doesn't always send you to a random website.
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Umm idk i have then
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I'm a little afraid of baldi
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I can’t download because I have iOS pls make a iOS version
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why come i cant download it when i press any link it either shows WEB TOOKEN DOWN or

You cannot reach to this website.
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it means that the link wasnt safe and was taken down by the administrators of whatever link it was
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It just lags me out of it how do you get it on ios
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How do you download it on iphone
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Please fix the big were i can't see the S (it's active)
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does it work on window to edition
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I just noticed that you used my skin in mcpe
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