Sword+ Add-on

Are you bored of the vanilla swords in minecraft? if you did this add-on adds 5 new swords and 8 items and blocks to your minecraft game! More updates coming soon!


Rainbow sword:

  • Damage:40

Energy sword:

  • Damage:35

Light sword:

  • Damage:30

Dark sword:

  • Damage:30

Noob sword:

  • Damage:5


Rainbow ore

Energy ore

Light ore

Dark ore


Rainbow crystal

Energy crystal

Light crystal

Dark crystal

Craftings (crystals)

Rainbow crystal

Energy crystal

Light crystal

Dark crystal

Crafting (swords)

Rainbow sword

Energy sword

Light sword

Dark sword

Noob sword

Changelog View more

Fixes bugs and glitch,added new texture to sword and crystal and ores.added more damage to swords. 

Added new texture to ores and sword.added name to the sword!


  1. Download from the mediafire link
  2. Press the mcaddon
  3. Select minecraft
  4. Use the behavior and the resource pack
  5. You must enable experimental gameplay 
  6. Done!


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

102 Responses

4.39 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Guest-9796048401 says:

    it is good cause it works for me

  2. Guest-1341002483 says:

    Can you make a zip ver pls because it needs zip

  3. User-1254793846 says:

    I would like to use this mod on my server but the swords are too overpowered. Do you know any way to nerf them?

  4. Manuel Manzanero says:

    ¿Dónde aparecen los minerales y con qué probabilidad?

  5. Axel says:

    The damage of the swords does not work all do the same damage

  6. lucas says:

    1. has no tutorial on how to make the energy sword. 2. something is wrong because I got a rainbow sword and its damage is on the level of a wooden sword (???)

  7. Anonymous says:

    no se pueden quemar los minerales en el horno, ni con el modo de juego experimental encendido

  8. ThePanda says:

    hey in the next update you can put armor because I feel that only swords is very little

  9. KnowingBadger says:

    Is there durability to the swords?
    Also can you at the Y level at which we’ll find the ores at please

    Other than that, I think it’s pretty great!

  10. Gemian says:

    its awesome

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yo idk if xbox works cause it doesn’t work.

  12. Dan says:

    I downloaded the mod but when I go to Minecraft it show a little ! And says warning something about the version of my Minecraft can’t support it. But I’m on 1.14.1

  13. LMDC2004 says:

    Hey Kodomo, can u fix the spawning rate of the ores ? bcs they spawn waaaay to often ,and they are stackable and they cant break …

  14. Aidih06 says:

    Can I make a YouTube series on this mod

  15. Kuka0990 says:

    I can enchant this swords?

  16. Minegamer says:

    For some reason, i cant smelt the ores. Im using coal to smelt it. Am i doing something wrong?

  17. Eric says:

    It’s not working.

  18. LipePlayGamer says:

    Posso fazer um vídeo do seu addon???

  19. Stormplayzz says:

    Hey creator are the rainbow ore are always generated on the world ounces I am survival? Or are the ores are rare?

  20. pandapawsshea says:

    Is it just me but in survival can you find them in caves?

  21. collin says:

    this is my first mod i have ever downloaded and i love it

  22. Sofiane says:

    como se instalan en android, ayuda

  23. ProgOpt says:

    Does not work. When I try to pick up a sword, the interface disappears or the texture of the sword is not displayed. I play on version 1.14.1

  24. Virgo1921 says:

    how to download this addon i dont know thia things to download

  25. ntnkms says:

    what does this mean? “The property ‘/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.”

  26. ProgOpt says:

    Hello. Can I make a video on this addon?

  27. FoxyRocks20 says:

    One question do any of the swords give you buffs?

  28. Kodomo says:


  29. Kodomo says:

    Why does it appears anonymous as my nickname?i am the creator

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ok if you think so thanks for the feed back

  31. Anonymous says:

    This addon looks cool but I don’t know how to get it into minecraft through files. Anyone know how? (I’m on iOS 13.3)

  32. Anonymous says:

    its good but could you change the energy crystal texture because the energy sword and energy crystals textures doesnt look like anything connected to the sword

  33. Anonymous says:

    Good man keep up your work ill always support you

  34. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t even work and I turned on experimental gameplay and the ores didn’t break even though I had a diamond pickaxe enchanted with efficiency V and the swords didn’t show up neither did the crystals so overall it was really bad and I wanted a good mod but it wasn’t

  35. Ayato Himaji says:

    Can i enchant the swords?

  36. FunctionalZ says:

    Can add really big swords like rhe buster sword possibly?

  37. Kodomo says:

    Please support me guys this is the first time i make minecraft add-ons,more update comming soon,love you guys.I made skin pack to,name of the skin pack is glitch skin pack

  38. RainCraftGamer says:

    Hello I love Ur Add-ons! I have requeste can u add more bow or Armor I’m Going To Record Ur addons Small Youtuber with 600 Subscriber 😄 ……thank for addon

  39. AGZ says:

    doesn’t work plz help

  40. FrostGamerYT1242 says:

    How to craft the energy sword

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