Sword Craft Online Add-on (BIG UPDATE)

This add-on adds 10 new items and 2 new block to your Minecraft. This add-on was inspired by the anime “Sword Art Online”. Basicly this is the second version of the older add-on that I made. Delete the older versions of this add-on on your folder because if you don’t delete them this add-on will not work. More updates coming soon!

Health bar 

So basicly health bar is similar to boss health bar when you fight a wither or the ender dragon, but this health bar will show up if you are close to the mob. This health bar is similar to the other add-on but it doesn’t mean I copied it, this health bar is made by me to make it “SAO” like.

GUI (Texture by DualRed)

Weapons, items and blocks

  • Deals 40 damage every hit



  • Deals 35 damage every hit

Dark repulser

  • Deals 35 damage every hit

Lambent light

  • Deals 30 damage every hit


  • Deals 25 damage every hit

Tyrant dragon

  • Deals 20 damage every hit


  • To obtain this sword you have to figure it out

Wootz steel ore

Molten obsidian

Wootz steel

Molten obsidian ingot



Wootz steel

Molten obsidian ingot




  • It doesn’t have to 64 iron ingots

Dark repulser

Lambent light


Tyrant dragon

Commands and functions


  • /function getallswords


  • /give @p xd:excalibur
  • /give @p xd:elucidator
  • /give @p xd:dark_repulser
  • /give @p xd:lambent_light
  • /give @p xd:liberator
  • /give @p xd:tyrant_dragon
  • /give @p xd:wootz_steel
  • /give @p xd:molten_obsidian
  • /give @p xd:crystallite
  • /give @p xd:molten_obsidian_block
  • /give @p xd:wootz_steel_ore

Changelog View more
  • Added the supported versions. 
  • Added Tyrant dragon
  • Added Liberator
  • Added ???
  • More updates coming soon.
  • Changed the mcpack to mcaddon
  • Bug fixes
  • More updates coming soon

Changed the download link.

If you have a problem with the function command theres no way to fix it. I tried it it worked

  • Renamed the "Molten obsidian" into "Molten obsidian ingot"
  • Added sao gui( Made by DualRed)
  • Added wootz steel ore
  • Added molten obsidian
  • Changed how to make molten obsidian ingot (to make it use the balst furnace)
  • Changed how to make wootz steel  (to make it use the balst furnace) 
  • Changed the thumbnail watermark to team infinite minds
  • Nothing else


  • If you want to play the game you must turn on experimental gameplay on
  • If you have a problen with the mcpack you must rename the mcpack to zip


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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66 Responses

4.09 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Jhonathan says:

    Como faço para achar os minérios? E se eles não aparecem sozinhos, como faço eles?

  2. Darkside says:

    I think its fake because its not working

  3. Naz says:

    The mod works fine, The only problem is that the hunger and armor bar doesn’t display on screen. Everything else works just fine. If you can add these, that would be great. Loving the mod, keep up the good work!

  4. Naz says:

    The mod itself works great. But my only problem is that the hunger bar and armor bar is not displayed. The health bar and oxygen bar works fine though. If you can add those, that would be great. I like the mod, Keep up the great work!

    • Naz says:

      I also found another bug, I installled another add-on,( drill buddy) and the swords do 1 damage per hit. The no longer deal as much damage as they used to….

  5. Premedarcher583 says:

    How do you get the ??? Sword

  6. traifocne says:

    Where do yo ufind the ores?

  7. Vinny says:

    I have it downloaded and everything I’m on 1.12.1 but I only have the texture pack and nothing there I tried the commands and stuff please help

  8. TheRichCreeper says:

    What progrm do you use for editing “GUI” And “UI”…

  9. Eoxma says:

    I think the commands don’t work

  10. Questionsss says:

    What i put after getallswords?

  11. BlastItAll says:

    Is there no hunger system?

  12. Magermash says:

    Lol , why does the ??? Sword has 1 literal damage

  13. Beeboy says:

    I can’t wait to try this out it looks awesome!!!!!

  14. Nokwer says:

    Is it planned to add in future versions of enemies from anime, some bosses, characters? The addon and now, in the early stages is not bad, but I’m interested in his future.
    (I used a translator for writing and I’m sorry if there are mistakes in the text, I sincerely thank the author for this add-on)

  15. Mr.coolguy says:

    Yo I Been waiting but where is Blue Rose at ?
    Why can’t u add it, it’s so important

  16. Klower says:

    Is it planned to add in future versions of enemies from anime, some bosses, characters? The addon and now, in the early stages is not bad, but I’m interested in his future.
    (I used a translator for writing and I’m sorry if there are mistakes in the text, I sincerely thank the author for this add-on)

  17. Zeke says:

    Wow this add-on is good, all people who said this add-on is not working they are wrong.
    All things worked i tried it 🙂

  18. GameTekWizard says:

    Works on xbox just be smart and i highly recommend it

    • Joseph says:

      How did you get this to work on xbox? The resource pack shows up but no items will craft at all, even tried adding to behavior packs but it doesnt even appear at all there

    • GameTekWizard says:

      People keep on messaging me for the Commands i don’t know them at all it used to work but SAO really doesn’t anymore Sorry

    • GameTekWizard says:

      Anyway please don’t message me on Xbox um it used to work for me i didn’t use any commands at all only the Resource pack and Behavior Pack so i really don’t know plus when i did use it always worked when you have Experimental Gameplay on.

  19. SteveMaple228 says:

    I love sword art online! It’s one of my favorite animes. maybe on the next update, try to add Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) and Yuuki’s Obsidian sword next okey?

  20. Kenneth Yu says:

    When I download it it’s a zip and when I click on it I need files

  21. Angry says:

    Wow lol 1 really at least make it craftable but kinda funny

  22. Angry says:

    You jerk there is no way to craft the ??? Sword

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Dragolosse says:

    I can’t download, “import fail”…
    I find the problem: is a .mcpack and not .mcaddon !
    So i converted it to .mcaddon and it work, great addon!

  25. Magermash says:

    is the Sword called “???” a Legitimate Sword on The SAO anime?

  26. LambDPro says:

    Can you change the health bar so that it’s not so similar to a boss health? It feels odd having the same bar for the mobs

  27. Anonymous says:

    not working

  28. big-orcat says:

    I can’t download it, there is an error 🙁

  29. kk says:

    Ho and im in 1.12.1 Version

  30. kk says:

    why this dont work for me????

  31. Leonardo says:

    quando scarico ed entro mi dice “”nome del pacchetto sconosciuto, descrizione pacchetto sconosciuta, ID pacchetto sconosciuto, versione pacchetto sconosciuta”” cosa devo fare? io voglio troppo questa addon pls risolvere il problema

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