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Do you like swords in Minecraft? But do you think that there is not enough of them? Well this addon will add over 20 new swords to the game, all of which are craftable and some even having special abilities! Enjoy it!

ENABLE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY IN WORLD SETTINGS. If you don’t, the new items won’t show up.

There are a total of twenty-six new swords added in this addon as said above, with a few of them being variants for already existing swords. Most swords are crafted in the exact same way as you would make one, one stick at the bottom of the crafting grid and two materials on the slots above. You can also obtain all swords by typing /function swords in the chat. Additionally, in the newest update, I have created a tutorial world for this addon as the number of swords is getting higher and higher with each update! This world will teach you about all the swords, how to craft them and their abilities! I will put a list of the swords added by this addon below, though. 

List of Swords:

*Spruce Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Birch Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Jungle Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Acacia Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Dark Oak Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Crimson Sword

*Warped Sword

*Bamboo Sword

*Flimsy Sword

*Andesite Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Granite Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Diorite Sword (crafting recipe not working)

*Blackstone Sword

*Coal Sword

*Lapis Sword

*Emerald Sword

*Redstone Sword

*Obsidian Sword

*Slime Sword

*Honey Sword

*Bone Sword

*Netherrack Sword

*Quartz Sword

*Magma Sword

*End Stone Sword

*Purpur Sword

Changelog View more

*Added 3 new swords - Flimsy Sword, Bone Sword and Purpur Sword

*Added a new swords+ example world that shows off all the swords, what they do and how to craft them!

*Reduced the effectiveness of the speed boost from the Lapis Sword

*Slightly buffed the damage of the Obsidian and Coal Swords

*Updated texture of Netherrack Sword

*All the swords will now show you how much damage they do on their name

*Fixed the swords function command not giving you the end stone, bamboo and quartz swords

*Added Slime Sword and Honey Sword

*Added a function command which gives you all swords added by this addon. The command is /function swords

*Sorted the positions of the images on the page. Previously, they were all clumped together which made the page look quite messy

*Reduced amount of health given by the lapis sword, but increased the amount given by the emerald sword

*Updated textures of Warped Sword, Quartz Sword and Magma Sword

*Further nerfed the damage and durability of the Obsidian Sword

*Added more info onto the page, and a reminder to ENABLE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY!!!

*Fixed the Obsidian Sword making you run super fast while holding it, it now instead makes you very slow. Dunno what caused this ._.

*Added Netherrack Sword

*Changed a few sword textures.

*Nerfed Obsidian Sword.

*Fixed an issue with the Magma Sword effects.

*Added 3 new swords - Coal Sword, Magma Sword and Obsidian Sword!

*The Obsidian Sword is very powerful but will slow you down while holding it. Craft it by surrounding a diamond sword with obsidian and crying obsidian!

*The Magma Sword provides fire resistance, mining fatigue and weakness when held. Craft it like a sword, but with a Blaze Rod instead of a stick and add some magma cream on the top, then put magma blocks next to the cream!

*All swords except for the emerald and lapis ones no longer provide an extra heart of health.

*Fixed an issue which sometimes caused brewing stands to be uncraftable.

I’m still working on fixing the sword recipes, expect to see a fix or workaround in the next update!


Downloading the file titled “Sword Expansion Addon 1.0.4” gives you just the swords+ Addon itself for you to play with! Downloading the “Swords+ Example World” gives you the example world to test the swords on.


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  1. Chad Man says:

    Suggestion add an ice or snow sword. Other then that nice addon

  2. Minecraft_is_cool says:

    Are the swords able to be enchanted?

  3. I’ve sent an update to this addon for review. It will fix a lot of things, add 2 new sword and some other nice things

  4. thatbluegamer21 says:

    i can’t get the stupid thing to work i’ve tried everything i don’t know what to do to get it to work please help me

  5. bendyink says:

    The swords don’t appear for me

  6. Awesome1sam says:

    wish you could craft dem wish you could /give them. but no ITS JUST THERE

  7. JimVersusJeb says:

    Will you make these into proper swords when sword.json becomes editable in the future

  8. Sejaminooe says:

    I put it on a new world and it wont work. How do I make it work?

  9. EpicMan123 says:

    Decent addon

  10. Jonathan The Turtle says:

    Nice addon. Kinda boring but it is good.

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