Synced Pixels Mash Pack [16×16]

The Synced Pixels Mash Pack is a combination of two popular texture packs called Pixel Perfection and Faithful Advanced converted to one.

Ported and edited by: Hezzygaming

The Pixel Perfection pack focuses on capturing a lot of details on a 16×16 low resolution. Medieval and classic RPG seem to be the two main inspirational sources for the design as it got a quite casual and old type of look to the textures. Faithful Advanced is basically a slight upgrade of the default textures in Minecraft where perfection also is at focus.


The two packs combined make a neutral and calm pack which conserves the Minecrafty adventurer aura of the game very effectively.

screenshot-2015-01-23-10-41 screenshot-2015-01-23-10-43 download

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7 Responses

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  1. MinerBoi says:

    Well, I couldn’t use it on windows10. I put the file into the resource pack file in appdata but didnt work. not even in my list of resource packs. Any fix?

  2. Chris says:

    So for W10 I did what I needed to recreate the ZIP file into the game manually. any thoughts as to why it doesn’t appear in the TP roster?

  3. Enderwarlord says:


  4. Sans says:

    This is an amazing texture pack

  5. MCPE texture packs are like freaked awsome. 😉

  6. I like texture packs plz let me have it

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