Synthwave Texture Pack

Hi everyone! This texture pack gives your worlds “Synthwave” feeling.

Synthwave is a music genre used in Movies and games of 1980. It also has a special art style which uses violet/purple/pink/yellow/black colors mostly. I am not a expert of these kind of art but I tried my best to give your worlds Synthwave style.

Continue reading for screenshots!




Here are some features/screenshots of pack:

Grid sky edition picture: (Whole environment colors are a bit brighter in this version)

sunrise in swamp (Unique colors)

Environment: (Dark spruce forest) (Brighter in grid skies edition) (Clouds are outdated in this screenshot)



End Portal: |-Color of dots changed-|

End sky: Grids! As it should be 😀

End Sky(night vision):Blocks:

Nether Blocks + Nether View with pack: (Netherack – Soul sand – Magma Block – Fire – Lava)

another view:

Rain (snow is changed also):

Breaking blocks:


You ARE NOT allowed to

– Introduce pack as your own

– Modify pack & share it.

– Give your own link for this pack to someone

(If wanted to share it only use Mcpedl link)

You are allowed to:

– Modify pack for personal use only

– Use it in your video but give credits

Note: I haven’t updated screenshots, so be sure to download & check out the update yourselves!

Changelog View more


- All new Nether textures Updated (Nylium, NetherGold, Quartz fix, Soul sand, all crimson stuff & more!)

- New Panorama (may change again in future)

- Slightly brighter colors

- Reworked sky

- small changes to emerald, Glowstone, Flower (now matching environment)

- Optimized *Texture* files

- Changes to download link

- added discord link so others can contact me easier

- Added grid skies edition (Update only)

- Increased brightness of environment  (Update only)

- mentioned more details of texture pack in description




Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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23 Responses

4.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. AsasianNinja says:

    The site that you download it on is so inappropriate. Please change it to media fire

  2. iFebag says:

    Paintings are so impressive, rain is too thicc maybe make it thinner else it is good

  3. Jeckdeth17 says:

    Why are the clouds grid?
    dont see settings in the texture pack to change the clouds.

  4. Guest-4634233586 says:

    what do i need to install for it to work? because it says that it doesn’t have an app accosiated with it to work

  5. Guest-5921646530 says:

    How can i download it from this link???

  6. Guest-8816484295 says:

    You should add a custom entity that is a vaporwave boss I know it’s a bit much and it’s supposed to be a texture pack but if you could that would be great!

  7. Guest-9993841472 says:

    and about synthwave soundtrack;-;

  8. SabakiSabaku says:

    Also,A suggestion. If you can,make mobs like Zombies,Skeletons and Creepers have a synthwave-like Color pallete for their textures

  9. SabakiSabaku says:

    The Fire,lava and Magma block Textures look so nice and vibrant! It fits perfectly with this pack

  10. Write your suggestions in your comments to see them in the next update!

  11. Guest-4547128651 says:

    Good XD

  12. SuperDerpyDolphin says:

    u should make all the mobs glow with like grid like patterns on the mobs

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