T-CRAFT is an RPG mod which adds many new blocks and items which can be used to create boss summoning altars and portals which lead to different dimensions. The mod is still in the early process of development so in the future we will see friendly NPCs (non-player characters), new mobs and tons of new weapons (like bows, sword and more!) with different damaging and features.

It’s a really cool mod with already a lot of potential. We’ll update this page accordingly new updates and similar.

Creators & Testers: Netherher0brine, EvanCraftFTW, CSWminecraft

Item & Block Information

  • Cobalt Block (ID: 201) – smelted from 9 Cobalt Ingots, used to create a Cobalt Portal
  • Cobalt Ore (ID: 205) – extremely rare ore which can be mined
  • Cobalt Ingot (ID: 503) – smelted from Cobalt Ores
  • Mythril Block (ID: 200) – smelted from 9 Mythril Ingots, used to create a Mythril Portal
  • Mythril Ore (ID: 204) – extremely rare or which can be mined
  • Mythril Ingot (ID: 502) – smelted from Mythril Ores
  • Wrecked Wall (ID: 207) – crafted with 1 Stone Brick + 1 Iron Pick Axe, used to spawn a ruin at a Boss Summoning Altar
  • Quest Block (ID: 208) – crafted with 8 Wooden Planks + 1 Book, used to get quests in-game (currently a work in progress feature)
  • Guardian Eye (ID: 501) – crafted with 8 Diamond Gems + 1 Compass, used when spawning a Guardian boss at a Boss Summoning Altar
  • Spell Book (ID: 504) – crafted with 8 Emeralds + 1 Book, used when spawning the Necromancer book at a Boss Summoning Altar

Spawn Bosses

To spawn bosses you will need the some blocks to build an altar. Once the altar is built you can tap the top block with a variety of different spawn items depending on which boss you would like to spawn.

Boss Spawn Items & IDs (for new items)

  • Diamond Block spawns the Walker King
  • Redstone Dust spawns the Robot Prime
  • Guardian Eye (ID: 501) spawns the Guardian
  • Wrecked Wall (ID: 207) spawns a ruin
  • Spell Book (ID: 504) spawns the Necromancer
  • Gold Block spawns the Karos

Altar Building Blocks & IDs (for new items)

  • 4 Glowing Obsidian
  • 5 Mossy Cobblestone
  • 1 Boss Summoning Altar (ID: 206)

The structure of the altar should consist of two layers.

First Layer Structure

Glowing Obsidian = G, Mossy Cobblestone = M

Image example:


Text example:


Layer 2 Structure

Empty/E = no block, Boss Summoning Altar = B

Image example:


Text example:



Portals can used to travel from one location to another. At its current state the mod doesn’t have much features that support this but the structure of the portal looks like this.

Building Blocks & IDs

  • Cobalt Block (201)
  • Mythril Block (202)


Image example:


Text example:

Cobalt Portal: Cobalt Block = C, Empty = E


Mythril Portal: Mythril Block = M, Empty = E



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  1. Anonymous says:

    This seems like a GREAT mod, can’t wait to see what it becomes. 👍👍👍

  2. Anonymous says:

    It seems too complicated

  3. DragonFang444 says:

    It keeps saying “error can’t find what your looking for” in the dropbox site.

  4. Haris Sahto says:


  5. Lauren says:

    When I go to open the file it says cannot open. Why?

  6. juna428 says:

    How to make a sword

  7. Ashley says:

    Why does nothing appear when i try to summon bosses?

  8. Jake says:

    Is this for iOS?

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