T.E.A.V.S.R.P. (Bedrock Ported)

Are you sicking tired of the deafult Minecraft sounds? Well, not anymore with these new amazing pack! Created originally by and from the Element Animations – now into your Minecraft Bedrock! 

Main Features!

  • This pack allows you to change your default Minecraft sounds into more, and intuitive Villager sounds.
  • Changes of over most Minecraft sounds. Includes with in-game music such as the – Calm 1, Calm 3, and your favorite – Game of Thrones music!
  • Now ported into your Minecraft Bedrock! 

Optional Versions

  • No Music: Having a bad storage? Worry no more! No Music version features only sound effects! Music such as Calm 1, and other in-game and menu music will be unavailable – but is lightweight and simple!
  • With Music: Such a pro with a million-gigabyte storage? What are you waiting for? Have this musical version of Villager orchestra and waste your storage on!

Disclaimer and Information

  • The following sound contained in the pack are owned by its respectful owners! I, known as r4isen1920, published this for ‘fair use’ only – to ‘showcase’ and/or ‘demonstrate’ into other Bedrock versions. If there is a complaint about copyright issues, kindly tweet message me about it! Here’s a valid permission from Dan before sharing this pack – you can officially email them at their email from their website! (Please no spams.)

  • Some sounds might not be changed whatsoever, the pack was originally created on Minecraft Java versions where some things, such as features, don’t still exist on that times. Some sounds are just also copied or pasted, since they seem to sound the same.

Video Trailer

Changelog View more
  • First release! Sounds will be optimized sooner or later.
  • Leave your thoughts on the comments! Please no criticizing too much, 'aye?


  • You can now optionally view an Ad: Lasts for only 5 seconds to support my life, atleast. It will really help me alot! Don't worry, you don't need to turn those push notifications, nor download anying apart fom the relevant pack above.
  • For instructions in regards to pack installation into your game, you can read the Read-Me.txt file as included with the .mcpack. That's all!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.9

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

44 Responses

4.32 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Guest-4282564292 says:


  2. Guest-2578126720 says:

    Your Ad links are cancer by the way. To others, do not even bother trying.
    It works for me Win10 with version 1.14 .
    First, the idea is funny but, most sounds have too low volume (or your own steps sound are lot too loud) and it shows its age (wandering trader/llama have no sound for example)
    Practically, most people will uninstall it after 10 minutes.
    I will like a “remix” version like Grian used in his last 2 youtube videos, where only villagers (and perhaps wandering traders as well) have the new sounds in place of the usual grunt noises.

    • r4isen1920 says:

      I am really sorry for the misunderstanding you might have gone with this pack, and I am here to clear that up:

      First and foremost, I’d like to let you know that this is a ported version of the TEAVSRP pack created by Element Animations a few years ago.

      Thus, second, I don’t make the voices for this texture pack and some sounds are just copied and/or compromised.

      Finally, the ad’s are a way to support my simple effort and time I’ve put into porting this. You see there is an optional thing to view those ads, since I didn’t made this anyway.

      Also, please check when was this uploaded. I haven’t updated this since there was nothing I can update for the main pack.


    • Guest-1794938171 says:

      Chill man don’t need to call it cancer

  3. Guest-7087369231 says:

    dadadadadadadadadededededededa. Villager news.

  4. Jerry says:

    Best addon ever

  5. AshishX says:

    The Best Funniest Voice Pack Ever! Lol

  6. IHavebaes says:

    Thanks now i can spawn THE VILLAGER KING

  7. LinkSans2000 says:

    I can’t stop laughing! This is too stupidly funny!

  8. SONICXGATO says:

    Its very cool
    Also i repaided the menu music

  9. Poth says:

    Y los discos de música de los villager dónde están?

  10. Poth says:

    Pregunta Que hago para reproducir los discos de música cantidad por los villager en android

  11. Poth says:

    Pregunta que hago para reproducir los discos de música de los villager cantando

  12. LilDibbun says:

    Regular dirt block say’s “gravel” when you walk on it and multiple sounds are missing. These are not new mobs either.

  13. Bob says:

    Is there any way to download this entirely for Xbox 1 bedrock? I really want this in my survival world.

  14. Dalton says:

    for me theres no music of the villagers is there onlyone song or what

  15. PokemonGmystery says:

    You can extract the zip for this on iPhones
    You open it in notes, copy it, enter pages, open the Minecraft folder, open game folder, open resource pack folder, then paste it

  16. Mae Fowler says:

    I love this. It’s beautiful and fun to mess with friends with XD.

  17. Izaiah Walldez says:

    I downloaded the music one but it doesn’t play the music in game help please.

  18. Ooferson says:

    I love this, but can you not make it say when I am walking, it is like this, SAND WOOD STONE GRAVEL GRASS WOOD STONE SAND

  19. Person says:

    I really want to download this! Can you please make it IOS compatible, thank you!

  20. Billy Willy says:

    Please add for addon for win 10?

  21. Green soda says:

    Please add a download for ios

    • r4isen1920 says:

      I will be implementing an easy iOS download soon. For now, follow these instructions:

      You can extract the archive from your computer and you can find the .mcpack file inside! Open that file; importing the pack and opening Minecraft automatically.

  22. Spuddha, the God of Potatoes says:

    My Friend, who is wearing headphones and has their volume turned to max: *casually joins my world* “Hey howzit goin–”

  23. Xeta says:

    Love this pack, but how do you get the in game mysic?

  24. xxscienceboyxx says:

    I literally squealed with excitement when I saw this.

  25. A Upset Person says:

    Can’t download zips! Please add different download!

  26. Koalakiin says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this mod, It’s Awesome, Thanks!

  27. Nobody says:

    Havent tried. But it looks HILLARIOUS, knowing how funny Element Animation is.

  28. Agent Matt 6 says:

    This is what I wanted. Thank you

  29. _Shopvil_ says:

    Yass! Finally I was looking for this 😀 😀 Thanks! 💜💜💜

  30. 7joelink7 says:

    This mod is really funny and works perfectly but it does get annoying after awhile.

  31. PiglePikle says:

    It’s so annoying😂I love it

  32. ZelilBlock says:

    Best Resource Pack Ever

  33. Yeetpacito says:

    Most unique addon yet!

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