T.I.M.P.E. / R.A.S.P.E. Shaders [16×16]

T.I.M.P.E. / R.A.S.P.E. Shaders feels like the default Minecraft textures but with shaders. The shaders make the entire world feel more alive and interesting. In other words, it spices up the environment a great bit. It’s especially the nice work with the shadows which make the pack look absolutely stunning in-game.

Creator: TheInvadersMinecraft





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27 Responses

3.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Daniel Porkingson says:

    How do i download texture packs in zip files on windows 10?

  2. Gean10Gamers says:

    A shader deve ser boa mais na moral conserta o link ;-;

  3. CrazyGlitcher says:

    Would this work on windows 10?

  4. Joe says:

    Sir Editor, does this shader work on MCW10E? If not, please put the links of the ones that do work, than you.

  5. Onkel_Toni says:

    In the shader are not “items”… is not going

  6. Aldwin says:

    You never reply to me I need to fix bad zip file

  7. ModerIOS says:

    Does it work for IOS

  8. steveIssteve says:

    File not found

  9. Emily4Stars says:

    Great texturepack! I love how everything is more lively, even the water! Keep up on the Epic work!!!

  10. Claude says:

    Link not found? Why!?

  11. Jaylord says:

    minor problem good but glass panes and glass are missing?!?!

  12. Wendylle says:

    If I turn on the fancy graphics the whole grass and crops are disappeared

  13. Arzan87 says:

    Download “Link not Found”. Is it broken or was it removed?

  14. Coolracer4 says:

    How do I put this mod in to my minecraft game

  15. iFazAzlam says:

    Will this work with OpenGL 2.0?

  16. UltraGaming says:

    Impossible to down :/

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