Tacky 3D (授权发布/Authorized Release)

已授权发布/Authorized release

Tacky 3D (@phmkl): 

Author’s words:Full name tacky 3D 

Abbreviation TY 3D 

Making this texture packages is totally my preference. I want to have a texture of my own, but I want other players to play with this texture packages. 

The texture is original 3D, and the monomer map is divided into 256x and 128x. It is recommended to use a mobile phone with more than 4GB ram for operation 

作者的话:全名Tacky 3D 

简称TY 3D 


材质为原版3D,单体贴图分为256x和128x,运行建议使用4GB RAM以上的手机 


Proof of permission:

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Next I'll make the UI


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)


128x 256x

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25 Responses

3.5 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. kevinduan says:

    Talking with Chinese?I live it

  2. Guest-7283519750 says:

    Really love it but maybe if the shadows on the textures were less obvious and more subduedit would be much better

  3. Guest-8108091038 says:


  4. Some of the textures, WHILE looking “3D” pop out way too much, it’s the subtlety of how everything molds together that makes it easier on the eyes, everything feels rough and pops out way too much imo. It needs to pop more subtly.

  5. Guest-4934544478 says:

    It really looked like a 3d texture (though some shaders break the effect) the gameplay is better than the preview, but some textures are too bulky in my eyes like the doors and the precious blocks needs to be smoother.

  6. Guest-5936195489 says:

    Wont import says invalid zip

  7. Guest-4391928850 says:

    Repair the link pls

  8. Guest-8914106431 says:

    Can you fix download link? It said error everytime I download it, please fix

  9. Guest-9592384431 says:

    Cool ? ??

  10. Guest-2224366150 says:

    It says invalid archive

  11. Guest-2450317512 says:

    Nice, i wish that more blocks were made 3d though

  12. Guest-5311314675 says:


  13. Guest-5012509102 says:

    you can say Chinese?

  14. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    It’s fine but It’s clear that not much thought was put into this as most of the shadows don’t make sense. The wood for example looks 500 years old, and the cobblestone looks like gravel.

  15. Guest-9193632131 says:

    Overall it looks good. But the fake 3D illusion looks too noisy and bad, maybe make shadow more transparent.

  16. BoxCatMC says:

    It’s good and bad at the same time

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