Metropolitan Urashima City (Update 7)

This is a Japanese themed city with working trains in the future, this world is just a beta version of what I’m making in the future this world would include 7 prefectures and one international airport but for now this are the only things in the world currently, stay tuned for more updates in the future, UPDATE: Added 19 New buildings + New Takeshiro Station ! !

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Takeshita City + Urashima City + Takeshiro City (Aerial View)

Takeshita Station (Exit D)

Takeshita Station Platform

Takeshita Metro Station

Takeshita City 

Urashima City 

Takeshiro City

Metropolitan Urashima City Police Department

Takeshiro Station (Gate A)

Takeshiro Station (Platforms 1 – 9)

Takeshiro Station (Exit A)

Takeshiro Station (Exit A)

World Spawn

Recent Youtube Lets Build (Recent Video)




Lastly, Thank you Sincerely ハロキヒロㇱ – Hiroshi !

The Next Update Will Be On: July 14 2020

Please download these addons and textures:

For this one only download the tokyo metro trains:

Please download this addon and make it chest minecart:

Resource Pack:

Behavior Pack:

Lastly Please Download this Texture Pack:

Download this link for the platform doors:

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UPDATE: Added 19 New buildings + New Takeshiro Station ! !

UPDATE, June 14 2020 22 New Buildings + New Area Of The City !

UPDATE, June 1 2020: 10 New Buildings and Refurbished the City Streets

UPDATE, June 1 2020: 10 New Buildings and Refurbished the City Streets

UPDATE, May 16 2020: 8 New Buildings and Refurbished the City

UPDATE, May 16 2020: 8 New Buildings and Refurbished the City

 UPDATE, May 2 2020: 7 New Buildings including the NEW METRO STATION, Also updated the look of Takeshi Main Station

Metropolitan Urashima is a city with 7 Prefectures in the future and working train lines in the future with connected expressways

Takeshita City a Japanese themed city with working train lines in the future updates.


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84 Responses

4.45 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Guest-3193498257 says:

    hey i really like this map from the pictures but i only have 1.12.6 so i was wondering if you could maybe make it work in this old version thank you

  2. Guest-8745931628 says:

    Bro no offence but the requiered stuff list is a mess,i don’t know what i have to download, where i have to download it and if i should do something after downloading it, you should make a tutorial

  3. Guest-8966933170 says:

    if you want to help haroki kindly join his discord link in the description of video released on june 30 2020

  4. Guest-5974742718 says:

    When is the update coming?

  5. The Update has been delayed to July 1st due to the counstruction of takeshiro station sorry for inconvenience and i deeply apologize ! !

  6. CannedBeans says:

    I’ll wait until the map 100% completed, so I can combine it with my vending machine add-on/mod (still experiment).

  7. Guest-9863420831 says:

    Im trying to download the platform gate mcaddon but its asking me to put a download number into a verification box but when I put the download number “574” it doesn’t work. Plz help me ☹️

  8. Guest-1888077225 says:

    What time is the 30th May Update Gonna Be?

  9. Guest-9553313506 says:

    I like that the city is getting its shape cant wait for the next updates ! !

  10. Candy H. says:

    Looks Awesome!!! Can’t wait too see even more spectacular buildings/creations!

  11. Guest-6812903753 says:

    Welp. The world did evolve, just backwards.

  12. Guest-1301478784 says:

    Look at the title lol

  13. Guest-8511596184 says:

    Oh god the new update is kinda ugly 🙁

    • yeah to be honest i mostly got rid of most stuff but i wanted to refurbish my plans and change most things its fine if you say its ugly its your opinion… どういたしまして,

  14. Guest-5871351963 says:

    Did you changed the roads and used quartz blocks instead of the magistral pack’s road?

  15. TEXTURE PACKS AND ADDONS ARE AT THE COMMENTS BELOW!!! Just in case you are wondering (^_^)

  16. Guest-6788519313 says:

    Awesome this is my type of city!!

  17. Guest-6656771901 says:

    hi can you add interiors to the builds??

  18. Guest-5562588043 says:

    Hello! The city, addons, and texture pack does mix well. It’s almost perfect, but you told us the next update will be on May 9, 2020. Why is that so?

  19. Guest-1481018002 says:

    Hello owner of this wonderfull Word my pucks dont work so evrything for me is cobbelstone what shoud i do?

  20. Guest-9696182065 says:

    Nice city, please add a supermarket!! Just advices!

  21. Guest-8363967680 says:

    The door/fences for the stations works??

  22. Guest-5306153762 says:

    The city is not that big, but looks pretty cool! Cant wait for the next updates!

  23. Guest-2850810285 says:

    (^_*) super cool!!! Add a school!!

  24. Guest-5159803859 says:

    Nice another update!! Super awesome city

  25. Guest-7061441532 says:


  26. Guest-3412380468 says:

    Nice City

  27. Guest-4862391178 says:

    The texture packs and other are missing now the city looks like a old abandoned city

  28. Guest-5851026888 says:

    It says a newer Version has saved this level anyone know how o fix this :/

  29. Guest-1101492580 says:

    Yeay!!! Updated again!!!! Btw you should collab with people who loves rwa!!

  30. Guest-6129027148 says:

    I Download this World but i dont see Addons and Texturepacks.

  31. Guest-3825990685 says:

    I Extracted The Train Packs And They Will Now Be In Use On My Projects (Worlds) On Minecraft. Thanks For The Addon

  32. EmeraldGamez says:

    The map looks amazing and i hope the update you post will have the addons working

  33. Guest-4244525698 says:

    Can you put a baseball stadium?

  34. Guest-1540710287 says:

    Why this city is so small????

  35. Guest-3425721889 says:

    Hi, MAKE UR ADD-ONS WORK -old friend

  36. Guest-7805373157 says:

    Hey I just want u to know that ur addons is not working it says the pack is missing can u solve this problem? 😊

  37. Guest-4381079712 says:

    Omg!!! This is what I’m looking for!! A Japanese city in minecraft!! Hopefully you’ll add more railway station and more train addons cause I really really love train 😀

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