Tales of Gaia (Update!)

Tales of Gaia, its a texture pack that can help you build things in almost every time period or place! It comes with an assortment of pillars, bricks, colors, glass, and more! This pack is inspired by both A Little Taste of Jerm and JermsyBoy’s Vanilla Edits by JermsyBoy. It also has an add-on called “Gaia Expanded“!






Double Slabs

Update 1:

Update 2:

That is just a portion of the pack there so much more to explore yourself in game!

Note : All textures are made by me. If showcasing or used in any projects be sure to leave a link. Please use the link for this MCPEDL page, do not use your own link. Do Not Re-post This Without Proper Credits And Permission. If you are using the add-on just put this over the resource pack for the add-on.

Changelog View more

Changed rain

Changed swamp fog

Yellow birch leaves

White birch leaves in snowy biomes

Orange birch leaves in birch forests 

Pink birch leaves in jungle biomes

Better rounded logs

Better spruce and jungle stripped logs

Better warped nylium

Snowy mossy cobblestone double slab

Removed highlights from spruce doors 

Better basalt

Better endstone

Oak log walls replace endstone walls

Better Gravel

Better cut and chiseled, red and normal sandstone

Lighter andesite

Better red and normal sandstone walls

Better wooden pressure plates and fences

Birch bark fence replaces acacia fence

Sorry about that, I fixed the link so it has the new stuff.

Removed Acacia Door

Re-did Soul Lantern, Lantern, and Chain

Added detail to the Fence

Made Dark Oak darker

Made White Stained Glass more universal

Removed metal from Spruce Trapdoor

Made Soul Torch have a bone base

Made Light Blue Glass modern

Re-did Chest and Trapped Chest

Re-did Grass Path

Made Yellow Shulker Box a crate

Added shading to Spruce Leaves 

Re-did Iron Bars

Changed Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Sandstone, Red Sandstone,  and Prismarine Wall to have different textures 

Changed the Skeleton, Skeleton Head, and Stray texture


Supported Minecraft versions


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19 Responses

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  1. Enteranamehere says:

    Epic, Anti spam quiz annoying

  2. This looks neat! Will it be getting PBR (ray-tracing) support in the future?

  3. Dragon0087 says:

    Sorry guys here’s the link for the updated version:
    its being update right now.

  4. Oh Dragon, I have a suggestion for you. Could you make prismarine and dark variant bricks look a bit rough like stone bricks has or close to it? It just looks a bit plastic you know? Not like I was judging…

  5. RedStoneSparks says:

    Great Resource pack planning on using it on a survival world with a group of friends! works well with all styles of buildings.

  6. Better than vanilla! I like it a lot! I always thought why Mojang didn’t added this before? It add so many build blocks, even when it doesn’t!

  7. Dragon0087 says:

    Well guys I have a discord server! Here’s the link:

  8. The Dark Fairy says:

    I love the pack, although how do you get the colored leaves? It’s all green for me, except in other servers, which is odd.

  9. MC Clout says:

    @Dragon0087 can I have the map

  10. _rickname_ says:

    This was exactly what i did, edit the double slabs and the fences. Great job!

  11. Nialand studios says:

    Lo voy a probar se ve muy bien

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