Tallest Crimson Fungus in the Nether (Seed)

This seed has the tallest crimson fungus found in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Here is an image the size of the Huge fungus

The natural generation of these mushrooms are special

The first is the tallest Crimson Fungus in Minecraft, its height is 23 blocks high (21 blocks are crimson stem)

The second is the highest Crimson Fungus in Minecraft with the second place, its height is 20 blocks high (18 blocks are crimson stem)

The Third is the largest Crimson Fungus in Minecraft similar to a jungle tree, its height is 24 blocks high (20 blocks are crimson stem)

Here is the largest crimson fungus seen from another perspective

Changelog View more
  • more crimson fungus was added
  • more description is added
  • The coordinates are seen from the images

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  1. FmWild57 says:

    Wow, this is a guinness world record!

  2. RatMaster999 says:

    This looks really cool, but I don’t know where to put the nether portal…. pls put in description

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