Tal’s Armor Rework

20/1/2021 – Bug fixes

This add-on reimagines the armor textures whilst attempting to stay true to their vanilla roots. It also fixes the flickering texture issue on player armor and tweaks one of the recipes so that iron, diamond and netherite armor follow more of a tiered progression.

All armor is now fully 3D!





Firstly I’d like to acknowledge upfront that although this mod has been made from scratch entirely by me, I have gained inspiration from other texture mods that can be found on Java edition. I thought Bedrock needed more armor mods like this, as most of them seem to be focused on PVP texture packs.

My key inspiration has come from an old (9 years ago) but excellent pack made by Poisonheaded. (here’s a link) As you can see my textures follow a similar style to theirs, but I have used the vanilla armor textures as a base and then made my own tweaks from there. The end result is pretty different (and more detailed) I would argue, and I have also created my own matching icons. 

Anyway, now to the armor sets.

New Icons

All the new armor textures have their new icon as shown:

(Note: the leather armor icons will still change colour when dyed) 

Armor Sets

Leather Armor:

Dyed Leather Armor:

Golden Armor:

Chain Armor:

The iron, diamond and netherite armors now follow a tiered progression as seen below.

Iron Armor:

Diamond Armor:

(It now has diamonds set into each of the armor pieces and adds wrist-plates.)

Netherite Armor:

(The Netherite Armor retains the diamonds but now offers more protection to the face, the wrist plates are now gauntlets and the boots are taller. It also adds a gold trim to reflect the gold needed to craft it.)

New Recipes

The reason this is not simply a texture pack is because I have also altered the Diamond Armor recipes to better reflect the progression from iron to diamond to netherite armor.

You now need to add the corresponding piece of Iron Armor to craft its diamond version (similar to crafting Netherite Armor) as shown below:

(Note: If you don’t want to add these new recipes you can just load the resource pack and not the behaviours)

 Player model tweaks

Finally, I have also tweaked the player model to reduce the amount of flickering that seems to occur when two textures are rendered on top of each other. You can see this most obviously in the legs and boots. The side effect is that it does make the legs and boots seem a bit slimmer.

Changelog View more


-Fixed leather boots texture so it displays properly

-Fixed some texture flickering on the under side of some boots. It was most obvious when riding a horse

-Uploaded the correct 2nd file (It was the behaviour pack before)

-Added some better images to the add-on page


-All armor pieces are now complete with extra 3d details! 

-Netherite armor texture has been changed with a slightly different colour to make it a bit more similar to vanilla netherite. The helmet has been opened up to make eyes visible with more custom skins. (Plus it also looks better I think)

-Gold, leather and iron armor have had a few minor texture changes as well

-Chain helmets now have an improved model and texture.

-The drowned model has been altered slightly so that the armor pieces don't clip when a drowned is wearing them. (I just made them slightly less puffy :D)

-Finally, you may have noticed I have changed all the spelling of 'armour' to the US spelling. As an Aussie, how could I?! Well I think it will just make it easier to find this mod in searches to be honest. :D


-fixed texture issue with leather helm when worn by mobs

-updated title image


-3d details added to the helmet and chestplate models

-various tweaks to the icons and armour textures to make the 3d details work


-made the gold trim on netherite armour brighter

-fixed the file type of the main download so it can be installed properly (sorry!)


-Updated title image to reflect the new diamond armour texture


-Changed the Diamond Armour texture to a more blueish hue

-Updated Add-on images


Download the mcaddon and activate the behaviour and resource pack into your world (1st link).

If you want the textures only, download just the resource pack (2nd link).

*Remember, don't forget to activate them in your world as well!*


Supported Minecraft versions


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58 Responses

4.68 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. I was playing on a Minecraft world with my friend and when he was wearing his Netherite armor, The chesplate is a missing texture thing

  2. akatsuki_fan says:

    This addon is really cool but the chestplates are broken, some parts are floating in the air around me and it’s really weird; I’m in (minecraft edu)

  3. Dolvashj says:

    This addon is really very good, one of the best i’ve downloaded, but i wanted to ask, can you make maybe some tool version of it?

  4. Rivers177 says:

    Really love this. Great work and keep it up!

  5. Mert efe says:

    Please Quiver armor

  6. Hey guys so I’ve got a version of this add-on working with Education Edition. Is anyone interested in me uploading it? It doesn’t have netherite obviously but I fixed the 3d details so they work properly. Let me know and I’ll update the downloads 😉

    • Yeetdistrict says:

      If you can make an Education Edition friendly version that would be perfect. I’ve always wanted to have 3D Armor in Education Edition

      • Ok cool, no worries. I’ll add it into the next update. You’d just need to right-click on the file and open it with education edition once it’s downloaded. Then you just add it to your world resource and behaviour packs like normal.

  7. Oh man! I just noticed a few graphical glitches I missed. The leather boots are invisible at the front and the netherite boots are flickering underneath. Not major stuff but I’ll fix them before I move on so I don’t forget! I’ll update the add-on soon. Please let me know if you notice anything else. Cheers!

  8. Malphas says:

    Heya! I love your addon/texture! But I have a little request, if it’s sensate for you, could you add a crafting recipe for the chainmail armor? I know that there’s some add-ons that already do that, but most of them use chain to craft the mail and it’s expensive. It could be iron nuggets instead.

  9. AngeloWanted says:

    Hey, just came back after a few updates and I have to say, you’re doing really good! Also, thanks for taking my request for the diamond armor, looks so much better. Keep up the good work.

  10. Oreocat says:

    This is a great Addon and I was wondering is this compatible with your bedrock plus Addon
    You should also try to make a weapons texture pack that matches with this one

  11. Hi everyone, got an update coming soon that adds 3d details to the legs and boots. That means all armour pieces will have some kind of extra detail now 🙂

    Just checking it over for bugs etc before I upload in the next few days!

    • Mr.Onyx says:

      This texture pack dosent work….. though it is very cool looking

      • Hmm honestly I have tested it many times and I’m certain it does work. I’m happy to troubleshoot with you if you reply here exactly what problem you’re having with it. What device are you playing on? Make sure you’ve actually activated it in your world and that you don’t have any other conflicting texture addons loaded.

  12. NicKayless says:

    Great addon! Use this on my realm. The armor looks great and the recipes work as intended. Thanks for creating it.

  13. PrestigePlayz says:

    Wow, what a cool update adding a 3D model to the armour! Btw, I reviewed your addon in my vid already 😉

  14. TheBlueCoder09 says:

    Really Nice Pack
    And you didn’t have anything like adfly or linktiverse for download

  15. SpaceCooki says:

    Epic stuff

  16. Hi guys I’m finishing up an update for this mod that adds 3d details to the helm and chest-plate for all armour pieces. The textures are still pretty muhc the same but I just wanted to make them ‘pop’ a bit more 😉 I will eventually do the legs (and maybe boots) but I thought I’d share what I’ve done before I continue.
    It should be ready to upload tomorrow and then it might be a day or so after that. Stay tuned! 😀

  17. BigGhostMiner says:

    Nice pack

  18. hozan says:

    Amazing when i was playing with that T.P. i had so fun becose it looked redicoulus!

  19. Hey guys, I ended up trying to brighten the gold trim a little and I think it looks good. I also realised that the first download is wrong. It should be mcaddon not mcpack in order for the recipes to load properly. Sorry! I’ll update asap!

  20. GibbsX says:

    The gold on the netherite is too dull and the diamond isnt really as shiny as it should be kinda annoyes me a bit so ima download if textures are updated

  21. Ruhes says:

    This complement is going to be only armors or you have other things in mind as well.

    The blue color has been very good on the diamond armor

  22. So I’ve gone ahead and updated this mod so that the diamond armour has more of a blueish hue. Looks much better! Thanks for the tip AngeloWanted 🙂

  23. PrestigePlayz says:

    Such a good addon! Really neat and cool idea to make leather armour (means killing lots of cows lmao) before progressing to the next level. The textures is also just as amazing. Could I make a showcase of your addon?

  24. The textures look amazing, especially the netherite armour.

  25. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    Nice addon and amazing textures! 😀

  26. Metta-Neo says:

    Amazing, think you could make an addon pack that adds instead of replaces? Would be cool to use with other addons without interfering with other textures.

  27. Ruhes says:

    Me han encantado el diseño de las armaduras te mereces las 5 estrellas.

    I have loved the design of the armor you deserve the 5 stars.

  28. AngeloWanted says:

    Pretty neat, but could you make the diamond armor more “diamond”? The blue is very lacking lol, other than that the rest is super cool!

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