This is a map based on the TARDIS from Doctor Who! And read the description of this map to for pictures and some other things! Also if you play this map and upload the video anywhere make sure to credit me for making the map!

This map is the TARDIS which is bigger on the inside, its a police box spaceship that can travel in time, and i made it in minecraft with working controls! And there are alot of rooms in the TARDIS. But here are some pictures of the map!

TARDIS Outside


Changelog View more

-added Zero Room, Engine, Reactor, Tardis model room, oxygen room, wardrobe, library

-fixed location randomizer glitch

-added sonic screwdriver


To install the map i think you can just click the file and it will download in minecraft!


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  1. XkingcubeX says:

    Cool map you have a great future ahead

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