Target (v1.4) A Portal Inspired Adventure Map

You awake in a test tank, you feel strange, an AI named Augu5t greets you,… Download the map to find out the rest of the story! Developed by (Ryalator10 and OnionJuice2350) 

This map is inspired by Portal and Portal 2, It consists of 6 levels, 1 boss battle and a bonus level! This map is my first release on MCPEDL! There is a Youtube walkthrough on my channel, Ryalator 10 right now if you are stuck on a level! It may not be the best map ever but I hope you enjoy it!

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-Added text for when level is beaten.
-Changed a piece of dialog.
-Thanks to Ryan Plays for making a video on the map!

-Target 2 [Beta released]
-Fixed Dialog Color Inconsistencies
-Uploaded Youtube Walkthrough On Ryalator 10!

-7uly core already present 

-Removed delay from dialog during scanner scene

-That's all

(PS: Bonus level requires game to be beaten once to access)

-Fixed Location Spawn

-Dialog Colour Mistakes

-Able To Access Bonus Level Before Game Is Beaten

-Spawn Location Redesigned

-Changed description to not have all caps.

-Literally Nothing Else

-Fixed A Few Dialogue Color Mistake

-Able To Access Bonus Level Before Map Is Beaten

-Coordinates Exposed


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13 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. TheLostGaming says:

    The map is so great! Cant wait for part two if its done

  2. Rakusu says:

    I’m not confident in my English, so I use Google Translate. And I apologize if this topic has already been discussed.
    In the second area, the parkour area, I was standing on the top platform, and no matter how many times I hit the arrow, there was no response, so I checked and the command block was facing down (sorry, I used a cheat).

  3. Ryalator10 says:

    The walkthrough got corrupted, i have to refilm it, sorry…

  4. Ryalator10 says:

    Spleef is fun, but can you find the secret within that must be undone?

  5. OctoRuslan says:

    This map is great! I liked dialogues (EXCEPT FOR THE “JOKE” ONE) and the boss fight! Well, there was a little problem… The Bonus Level does not even work, the second target doesnt do anything. I thought that this was a bug, I got into gamemode 1, and… the command block that this target is linked to is empty. Can you fix this, please? But, not looking at “jokes” and the bonus level, this map is great!

  6. 203 says:

    It’s A Great My But Adding A Little Bit Of Music Can Make it Better. And It’s Very Hard To Play in Android I Wish You Can Make It A Balance Game In Your Next Map. Here’s Youre 5 Stars My Friend. You Deserve It For All You Hard Work. Looking Forward To You’re Future Maps❤️

    • Ryalator10 says:

      Thanks for your feedback! And im sorry for it being too difficult, during the process of the map making, we were trying our best to make it balanced for mobile players, im sorry that we couldn’t do that. I hope to make T*****2 better!

  7. Ftere says:

    This was a really good map, I hope you expand it.
    Anyways I hate parkour, so try making puzzles that doesn’t consist in doing it.

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