TazerCraft – Chume Labs 2

Download the Chume Labs 2 Map now, where the amazing scientists Pac and Mike help their friends Gutin and Jorjão create various adventures and confusions! Play now and have fun alone or with your friends!

The map was created by two construction teams, namely: Raivous Network and Tomahawk Team

Creator: TazerCraft (original PC pack)  (Creator Twitter)

Ported by: Pixell Studio

People who helped create the map:

● Fyat (Construction ) 

● Komlow (Construction)

● Doug (Construction)

● FoxSilver (Construction)

● Geet (Construction)

● Kaique (Construction)

● Kayszlo (Construction)

● Mark (Construction)

● MrGG4ming (Construction)

● Mothypho (Construction)

● TigerAdvance (Construction)

Also check out the Chume Labs series:

Thank you very much everyone, I hope you like the map.

We have all permission of the original creator to post the content here.

Screenshot to prove it:

Changelog View more

We’ve added a description link that proves we’re authorized by the creator to post the map here.


  • Click on the download link .mcworld
  • Press "Next"
  • If a tab is opened close and press next again
  • Wait 6 seconds
  • Press "get link"
  • Again close the open tabs 
  • You will be directed to Mediafire.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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24 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-4757410292 says:

    Is it worth a try?

  2. Guest-9306254290 says:

    Is it worth a try?

  3. Guest-5993312041 says:

    can somebody send me a map where it works it works only on one of my maps but granades cant destroy blocks 🙁

  4. Guest-4226761977 says:

    The redstones are dead… none of them are working ._.

  5. Guest-5636170051 says:

    couldnt even download, ad said continue and it tried downloading an application

  6. Omar345 says:

    This is an amazing build!! thank you so much for making it in bedrock edition, your such a superhero

  7. Guest-5093253953 says:

    OH NICE!

  8. Guest-8720411084 says:

    Thank you for bringing Chume Labs to the Bedrock edition!

  9. Guest-7395249221 says:

    *Nostalgia Intensifies*

  10. MrNear says:

    thanks for the map. now I will always use it and I am using Google translate to write this

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