Telepads Mod

The Telepads Mod adds a new block called Telepad to the game which you can place in an almost infinite amount around the world. You can then teleport between each telepad simply by standing on top of one of them.

Creator: wartave, Twitter Account

Block ID & Crafting Recipe

  • Teleport Pad (131) – 5 redstones + 4 glass blocks

Setup Telepads

First off you will need to craft the telepads. One telepad requires 4 glass blocks and 5 redstones.

In our example we will place down three telepads on three different locations.

After placing down each telepad you have to name it. The first telepad we name something related to the environment, in this case a river runs closely to where it is located at, so we named it River.

Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-18-11 Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-18-17

The second telepad we named Under Tree.

Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-18-39 Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-18-45 Screenshot_2015-04-08-12-20-02

And the third we named Little Sand Island.


Walk up to any of the placed telepads and stand on top of it and you will get a menu displayed on your screen from which you can choose to where to get teleported.


In this example we chose to get teleported to the Little Sand Island, and as you can see in the image below we got teleported there.



  • /teleport
  • /remove
  • /save


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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it on mobile

  2. HochExplosiv says:

    Please, .mcpack!
    My English isn’t good, sorry

  3. AllenDave says:

    this won’t work with 13.0 MC version cuz ID 131 is already on the list [tripwire] :((

  4. James says:

    I downloaded this mod a while ago and it worked great! I used it in some of my maps, and I loved it, but I had to delete it for a while for 12.1 beta builds. I left the beta and got 11.1 and this mod back, but when I installed it, it showed up as a text file (which you can’t extract)! I opened it, and it contains all the normal code, but since I can’t extract it, its useless! Help!

    • Editor says:

      If it’s a .txt file try renaming it to .js. To do that you will need a file manager app, e.g. search for ES File Explorer on Google Play, and then use that app to rename it.

  5. som1 says:

    code quality: 5/10, seen much worse
    ideas: 8/10, quite innovative

    re: code
    – try storing the pads as an array of objects like [{name:”namegoeshere”, x:123, y:456, z:789},…]
    – forget jsmin, it’s ugly. If it was a weak attempt to obfuscate the code, die in a fire, code wants to be free.
    – storing base64 encoded data in the script is *ahem* not elegant… especially if you make no use of it
    – const is a valid keyword in javascript too, don’t be afraid to use it
    – spaghetti.java

    re: ideas
    – the starry whatever background of the menu is really nice
    – the cauldron trick is sweet, hope that damned chink fixes the buggy block renderer though

  6. wetlife27 says:

    Awesome mod reminds me of the pc version

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