Teleport Pad Mod

With this mod a new block will be added into the game called a teleport pad. The teleport pad can be crafted with eight redstones and one diamond.

You can place how many teleport pads as you like and each one is identified with the name you have given it.

How to use the teleport pads?

It’s easy. Simply walk on top of a pad and a new graphical user interface will appear on the screen with a menu with names of buttons for each teleport pad. Select the location you want to teleport to and you are instantly brought there.


  • /teleporter list – lists all teleport commands
  • /teleporter name <name> – as soon as you place a teleport pad block on the ground a text message will pop up asking you to assign the teleport a name
  • /teleporter remove <name> – removes a teleport pad block

Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Teleport Pad (ID: 18) – 8 Redstones + 1 Diamond

Creator: wilco375

ScreenShots007 ScreenShots009 ScreenShots010 ScreenShots011

Download (Dropbox)
Download (GitHub)

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21 Responses

  1. Cameron says:

    how can i use this mod with the Windows 10 edition?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think the editor replys to comments anymore, but it doesn’t word for me. I am using an iPad.

  3. STEPHANMAN says:

    Does it work for iOS devices?

  4. xan says:

    On mcpe 0.12.2, after placing first telepad block correctly and naming it, and then walking to second location, and placing second telepad block correctly, when I try to teleport to first location by using the popup interface list I get error message saying something like… The block at this (specified location) is no longer a teleport block.

  5. Jon says:

    Everytime I use this and teleport blocklauncher pro crashes

  6. Fireblaster says:


  7. Fireblaster says:

    Can I use this mod in a map?

  8. BananaMan2.0 says:

    it doesn’t work why is this

  9. zyoso says:

    How do you place a block it only teleports me where I click

    • Editor says:

      Craft a Teleport Pad block with 8 redstones and 1 diamond and then place it down on the ground as you would place down any other type of block.

  10. MaxTheFox1135 says:

    Can you add a MediaFire download please?

  11. Nathan says:

    Is there any other links to download ?cause I can’t use github

  12. Artjom says:

    Why there is a text when i download? How to add it into ths game with my android tablet?

  13. Alfred says:

    this mod is sooo cool!

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