Minecraft Elytra Race! Temple Glide Map

This is the Temple Glide map originally from Minecraft Console Edition! The aim of the game is to race your friends or yourself to fly to the end of this fun and challenging course using Elytra and Fireworks! This map has been Arranged by CatAstrophe7777 so you guys can play this map on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition!


Throughout this amazing map you can find all sorts of enticing structures and and can race with your friends to see who is the best Elytra flyer! This map has been adapted form Minecraft Console Edition to have such gameplay as the original Glide Minigame, consisting of the rules of the Console game!

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New update: The tunnel on the right at the start of the map has been made bigger so it's easier to go through it!

New Update: The elytra generation has been made more accurate, and bug fixes.

New Update: The end of the level has been decorated more and looks more naturalistic!

New Update: Bugs have been fixed and the Elytra Spawn is improved!

New Update: Better lobby and parts of the map have been tweaked to improve the gameplay.

New Update: The random Elytra spawning with fireworks has been decreased to balance the number of entities in the world at the same time.

New Update: The finish line now has a unique effect the players get once they finish! Barriers around the map have been added to prevent and glitches.

New Update: The spawn lobby has been changed and players now get Elytra at spawn!

New Update! The lobby was improved and more people can play at once!




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17 Responses

3.86 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. please put a direct-link download ex: mediafireLink or just a normal download link.
    I am unable to play this map due to an anti-add/spam/virus.

    Please fix

  2. Guest-2422198234 says:

    Can you make it so you die automatically if you hit the ground?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Link broken, it just leads to the sign-up, not the file.

  4. Guest-3307319942 says:

    Looks like terra swoop force

  5. Pillow says:

    Very good, could you make it harder please

  6. Hicertman2 says:

    This glide minigame give me a flashback about playing with my friend online. Now I don’t have Xbox live gold. But it’s look like an version of PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, OR NINTENDO SWITCH Console edition is still have best feature. The console edition have an button if you want to retry, go to checkpoint, make checkpoint, and other power ups. Like Boost, Super boost, Fire Smoke, And points. Also you can see stats. I give this 3 stars because there no feature like at console edition.

  7. The Markinator says:

    Yo I love this map from the legacy console edition, thanks for bringing this over

  8. CatAstrophe says:

    Try to time yourself going through the map with only 5 fireworks! You’ll have to use them wisely 😉

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