Terra Swords Addon (Real Shooting Blade)

TerraBlade is one of the strongest weapon in Terraria (correctly pre-plantera). When you swing the sword, it shoots green blade beam to attack enemies in far distance. And now, with this addon, you can obtain it and feel the power! 


Creator: @keyyard



  • Craftable in Survival Mode!
  • Real shooting beam on click/tap! On PC, you can shot the beam from the sword by left clicking (the casual way to attack) & on mobiles/tablet just tap!


  • True Night Edge
  • True Excalibur
  • Flying Dragon
  • Terra Blade

How to obtain weapons?:

  • True Night Edge : from command
  • True Excalibur : from command
  • Flying Dragon : from wandering trader
  • Terra Blade: True Night Edge + True Excalibur

Upcoming Features:

  • add Night Edges, Blade of Grass,…etc!
  • monsters

A Preview VIdeo:

Changelog View more

Added more swords: True Night Edge, True Excalibur, Flying Dragon.

Added new crafting recipes.


Supported Minecraft versions


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69 Responses

4.59 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Guest-8195988888 says:

    Keyyard, do u have a discord server? I have problems on some other addons of yours

  2. shady14511 says:

    I can’t get the swords, Can someone please tell me how to use commands?

  3. Guest-4734040766 says:

    Pls answer to the question i have asked……

  4. Guest-3446297835 says:

    Great Texture, but how do you Craft it on Survival Mode?

  5. P1xe1at3d says:

    ..or you can make a sniper addon.

  6. Guest-3327912120 says:

    could you add the damage of the swords and maybe some armor

  7. Hello, Keyyard, I am one of the users of the addon that you created. I like the addon called “Floating Text”, I want to request something, can you make the Addon a magic wand? that can heal a friend, and shoot particles that deal damage like this sword.

  8. Keyyard says:

    comment below ur ideas! ^^

  9. No. Not Terraria. That is the worst game and this is the worst addon in this site.

  10. Guest-4557959566 says:

    I think that you should add some of the terraria bosses and the exclusive ones like turkor the ungrateful and dragon armor

  11. Guest-6811022410 says:

    I love it it is amazing I play terriria a long time ago so I really enjoyed this addon

  12. Guest-8204197969 says:

    This is pretty cool I love the terra blade but I was wondering how much damage does it actually do because it doesn’t say in game? And is there plans ob making it enchantable?

  13. Guest-3316974386 says:

    it didn’t work

  14. Guest-1201003620 says:

    Tap the screen isn’t working. You have to hit a block first.

  15. Guest-8530773354 says:

    does this not work for xbox one ?

  16. Guest-4953097686 says:

    add True Night’s Edge, it’s my favourite weapon! but how are you going to make broken hero sword, i want it to drop from zombie or something but still rare like low percentage of dropping. this addon has cool & most close thing to the game. thx for read

  17. Guest-8435004993 says:

    This is awesome, can you add the shooting sound effect that’s in terraria too?

  18. Guest-6335919735 says:

    Add more weapons like the Solar eruption,Daybreak,Meowmere,StarWrath,or Influx Waver.

  19. Guest-2174524286 says:

    Too easy to craft. just trade with villagers and get a stick.makebit harder and use blocks of emeralds instead of 2 emeralds.

  20. Guest-3523291500 says:

    can you make a non craftable version becuase us school kids can’t craft on edu addition so pls make a version where it’s already in the game. thx for reading this

  21. Guest-6361326955 says:

    can you make a non craftable version becuase us school kids can’t craft on edu addition so pls make a version where it’s already in the game. thx for reading this

  22. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Make it harder to craft. I suggest 1 blaze rod(instead of stick), 1 nether star, and emerald block.

  23. Guest-9705364046 says:

    Make sword progression so that it’s not too easy to get op swords but as they get better it’s harder and takes longer to obtain. Maybe new ores, plants, boss. Stuff like that. But make it balanced throughout the whole play through. Anyways this looks great!

  24. Guest-2781519246 says:

    nice addon! #Terraria Fan

  25. TerrorizerE says:

    TOO OP
    cAN EasILy KiLl THe WIthEr

  26. Keyyard says:

    Thanks for uploading! Anyone has any ideas, or suggestions just drop down below!

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