Terracraft (Texture Update)

Terracraft combines to very popular game minecraft and terraria. With this addon you will be able to explore countless new biomes and gather new ones. Fight new enemies and new bosses. Go it alone or with friends. Become stronger and rule this world.

Terracraft is a addon where it brings terraria into a 3d environment. Fight bosses explore Biomes make tools weapons and armor. Create a new world. This addon will challenge you, your skill, and your patience. Fight build craft. Terracraft will get frequent updates that include bosses mobs ores blocks items weapons and more. There are currently 57 new items, 37 new blocks, 64 recipes,8 new mobs, and 1 new biome

#Version 1.0.0

×10 new items[8 accessible]

Copper Pickaxe 

Copper short sword

Copper Broadsword 

Copper Axe

Copper Bar

Copper Ore

Copper Armor 

Copper Watch [not accessible]

Copper bow [not accessible]

Amathest Staff [not accessible]

×7 new blocks

Copper Ore block

Copper Brick and Wall

Copper Plating and Wall

Copper Kit tier 1

Copper Kit tier 2

×12 new crafting recipes 

×0 New Biomes [None at this time]

×0 New entities 


All new items

there are 7 new blocks that are crafted with the copper ore and copper bar’s 

Copper ore is found randomly generated through out your world it’s not rare and breaking this ore will give you one ore

Copper bars are smelted in a blast furnace [normal furnace will not work]

You can craft the tier 1 copper kit with 9 bars

With the tier 1 copper kit you can put it in a stonecutter and make the Copper Shortsword, Copper Broadsword, Copper Pickaxe, Copper Axe.

You can also craft the tier 2 copper kit with 9 tier 1 copper kit’s. With the tier 2 copper kit you can craft the copper armor [texture not working] this armor will give you resistance 2.


#Version 1.0.1 Bug Patch


#Vesion 1.0.2 [Iron Update]

×15 new items [14 accessible]

Iron Ore

Iron Bar

Iron Broadsword 

Iron Shortsword 

Iron Pickaxe 

Iron Axe

Iron Hammer


Iron bow [not accessible]

Iron Helmet

Iron Breastplate 

Iron Greaves 

Iron Armor 

Life Shard 

Life Crystal 

×7 new blocks

Iron Ore Block 

Iron Tier Kit 1

Iron Tier Kit 2

Iron Tier Kit 3

Iron Brick

Iron Brick Wall

Red Crystal Block 

×19 new crafting recipes 

×0 New Biomes [none at this time

×0 new entities 

All items 

All the new blocks [except for the Red Crystal Block And iron ore] are made from the new ore, Iron ore. This is the terraria Variant of this ore which is stronger than normal iron.

Iron ore can be found between y:0-84 in every biome [not the nether or the end]

Iron ore can only be destroyed with a copper pick and up

Iron ore will always drop 1 iron ore

Iron or can be put in a blast furnace [not a normal one] and will be made into Iron Bars

Red Crystal Blocks can be found between y:0-35 in every biome including the nether and the end

Red Crystal Blocks can only be destroyed with a Iron Hammer or up

Red Crystal Blocks will have a faint glow

Red Crystal Blocks will always drop 1 life shard

Combine 9 life shards to make a Life Crystal which you can consume and gain extra Hearts [if you die you will lose effect]

To use Iron Tier Kits put them in the stone cutter. This will allow you to make tools, weapons, and armor.

You can craft the iron armor with the three pieces 

Chains are crafted with one iron bar in a stone cutter 


Copper watch can now be crafted with one chain and 6 copper bars

Copper ore now spawns less often 

Copper armor has been nerfed from resistance 3 to resistance 2


#Version 1.0.3 [Biome Update]

×0 new items

×19 new blocks 

Stone block 

Stone wall

Stone slab

Stone slab wall

Planked wall


Dirt wall



Red Brick 

Red Brick Wall 

Red Stucco 

Red Stucco Wall

Grey Stucco 

Grey Stucco Wall 

Grey Brick

Grey Brick Wall

Living wood [Creative only]

Grass block

×18 new crafting recipes 

×0 new entities 

×1 new biome

Terraria grass lands

This biome contains the new grass block the new stone block and the new silt block. It will generate anywhere between y:40 -68

It can generate in water in the ocean on mountains or on plains 

No mobs will spawn there 

No ores will spawn there

This is a warm biome

It rains here rarely 

The biome has a medium rarity [It has a 30% chance of spawning in a chunk]

Clay will spawn naturally under ground

Silt will spawn naturally under ground 

#Some Crafting Recipes 

Planked walls

Grey Stucco Wall 

Red Stucco Wall 


#Version 1.0.4 [Mob Update]

×5 New items [2 accessible]


Pink gel

Green Slime Banner [not accessible]

Pinky Banner [not accessible]

Slime staff [not accessible]

×0 new blocks

×0 new recipes 

×2 new entities 


Green Slime 

These two new inhabitants of your world are not to be underestimated. They will bunch up fast and take you out. Dont try and run because if they feel like it. They will chase you down.

Green Slime 

Type common 




Health 14

Attack 6

No fall damage 


This slime may be the weakest of them all but he has a 98%chance of spawning in your world. And with enough of them. They could be the thing that kills you. They will spawn in the day and on the surface 


Type mythical 


Pink Gel 



Health 150

Attack 5

No fall damage 


This slime is the rarest slime of them all with a 0.5% chance of spawning in your world. She may be the smallest slime out of them but she will tank your hits and most likely take you out with some help.

She will spawn anywhere there is light

×0 New Biomes 


#Version 1.0.5 [Silver Update]

×16 new items [11 accessible]

Silver Ore

Silver Bar

Silver Shortsword 

Silver Broadsword 

Silver Pickaxe 

Silver Axe 

Silver Hammer 

Silver Bow [not accessible]

Silver Watch

Depth Meter [not accessible]

Sapphire Staff [not accessible]

Silver Bullet [not accessible]

Silver Helmet 

Silver Chainmail 

Silver Greaves 

Silver Armor [not accessible]

×5 New Blocks

Silver Ore Block

Silver Brick 

Silver Brick Wall

Silver kit tier 1

Silver kit tier 2

×15 new recipes

#Some Crafting recipes 

×0 New Entities 

×0 New Biomes 

Silver Ore  can be found between y:0-35

This ore has a medium rarity and can only be destroyed with copper and up

This ore will drop 1 ore 

Silver ore can be turned into Silver Bars at a blast furnace [can not be used at normal furnace]


#Version 1.0.6 [Mob Update V2]

×2 New Items

Glow stick


×0 New Blocks 

×6 New Entities 

Blue Jellyfish 

Blue Slime

Demon Eye


Jungle Bat 

Ice Bat

Ice bat

Type common 




Health 30

Damage 18

No fall damage 


This bat being on of many in the terraria universe has flown into minecraft. It has taken a liking to the cold biomes of minecraft. But be careful it will attack you in  Broad daylight 

Jungle Bat

Type common 


Depth Meter 


Health 34

Damage 20

No fall damage 


This bat has flown far from terraria to join you in your world. This bat has taken a liking to the jungle when its bright out. Be careful without protection this bat will surely kill you as it has a lot of cover to hide.

Blue Jellyfish 

Type uncommon 




Health 35

Damage 25

No fall damage 

No drowning 


This blue blob has swam all the way to your world to see the nice blue waters. It has taken a liking to any water source. But beware this blob doesn’t like outsiders and will strike if found in danger.


Type common 


Rabbit hide

Rabbit meat


Health 5

Damage 0

No fall damage 


This little cotton ball has got lost and has wondered to minecraft. It is very passive and will not get in your way. It has taken  a liking to your green areas of your world.

Blue slime

Type common 




Health 25

Damage 7

No fall damage 


He may be a little late to the party but this blue slime is the bigger brother to pinky. He likes anywhere flat and simple. He Is a bit more aggressive than his sister. But you keep your distance and you’ll be fine. This slime hates bunny’s and will attack without a second question.

Demon Eye

Type common 




Health 60

Damage 18

No fall damage 


This bloody eye has flown to your world for the soul purpose of killing you. It is very aggressive and agile. It cant play for to long. Because it will die in the daylight. Where it was created is still unknown 

×0 new biomes


#Version 1.0.7 [texture update]

×1 new items [for testing only]

×0 new blocks 

×0 new entities

×0 recipes 

×0 new biomes 

×10 new textures



stone block

copper ore block

iron ore block 

silver ore block 


Stone Brick 

red brick 

silver Brick

This Update is small but i wanted to respond to the comments about the textures. These are more or less test textures to see if you like this new style. Or If should try something else. Please let me know what you think.

Changelog View more

Added new weapon [for testing only]

Changed silt texture 

Changed dirt texture 

Changed stone block texture 

Changed copper ore block texture 

Changed iron ore block texture 

Changed silver ore block texture 

Changed grass texture 

Changed stone Brick texture 

Changed red brick texture 

Changed silver Brick texture 

Fixed silver armor crafting recipe

Added new description 

Changed title 

Added picture 

Added new mobs

Added new items

Depth Meter is now obtainable 

Silver armor crafting recipe added

Fixed Pinky spawn rate 

Tweaked green slime spawn rate

Added to description 

Changed title

Changed picture

New picture 

Added to description 

Added new items 

Added new blocks

Added new ore

Added new armor

Added new recipes 

Changed copper recipes 

Removed copper tier kit 2

Fixed iron armor

Fixed copper sword

Fixed terraria plains

Fixed Pinky spawn rate

Fixed version numbers

Changed title

Added new download 

Removed medifile download link 

Added new items 

Added new entities 

Fixed iron armor strength 

Fixed broken crafting recipes 

Fixed sounds 

Tweaked copper recipes 

Added new blocks 

Added new biome

Added new recipes 

Fixed iron armor being to strong

Fixed tools not working

Fixed ore spawns

Fixed copper not spawn 

Added new pictures added more description 

Added New Ore

Added New Blocks 

Added New Tools 

Added New Weapons 

Added New Consumable 

Added New Crafting Recipes 

Added New Equipment 

Added New Items

Copper watch can now be crafted with one chain and 6 copper bars

Copper ore now spawns less often 

Copper armor has been nerfed from resistance 3 to resistance 2

Changed title 

Changed description 

Changed installation description 

Changed download links

Updated download link 

Added new download link

Changed installation description 



Click on link

Go to file and open it

Turn experimental gameplay on


Supported Minecraft versions


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60 Responses

4.77 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Develop_3 says:

    i like this add-on its nice 🙂

  2. Guest-7217936823 says:

    if you change the texture of minecraft for that of terraria it would be the best in the world after nutella, even so you are on the right track this complement is the best

  3. If you would like to talk or give suggestions my discord is [Pumpkin Maniac#7888]

  4. Minimum Chaos says:

    hey I like this pack and am a fan of Terraria I would like to help you with this like textures or models for mobs if you would like my help you can contact me at Chaos#2792 on discord

  5. The elder guardian would work well for EoC, and you could likely make Queen Slime by adding the wings as a texture on the side, and giving it the flying property. I’m interested to see if we get the Crimson or Corruption as well. Maybe even the hallow?

    • I love reading and responding to you guys it makes my day to know you like this. But your thinking ahead just like I am. I am currently testing EoC to see how I want to go about adding him. And for biomed well you’ll just have to wait and see

      • I was originally going to make a full Terraria addon using Addons Maker. I had every single non-projectile sword added. Then I realized they were all backwards. I think this was done intentionally to keep Terraria textures from being ported to Minecraft and Vice Versa. I simply gave up after that. Thankfully, you’re here to fill that gap. I absolutely should have tested the swords before adding them all at once. Keep it up.

  6. Guest-4517703745 says:

    Hey can you add the bosses such as the eye of Cthulhu? It’s an awesome addon tho

  7. Guest-9930857772 says:

    Does it work for 1.16?

  8. If you need something to shoot custom projectiles, I would reccomend replacing the dragon fireballs, and making the Ender Dragon shoot large fireballs.

  9. Diamond King1 says:

    Silver armor turns out to be error sigh and copper armor also i can’t wear the greaves, but cool addon iam fan of terraria

  10. Guest-8095088326 says:

    Gran add-on se ve que será un gran proyecto estaré esperando ansioso cada actualización

  11. TanLorikk says:

    Hi, your addon is cool, and I can help with the translation into Russian.

  12. Guest-5474385054 says:

    Are you going to remake all the bosses???

  13. Vinni P. Sabio says:

    Currently working on my own version of Terraria in Minecraft, I plan on adding almost all bosses from the current version (1.4), as well as adjusting the vanilla jungle to have terraria’s jungle features, giant beehives, hornets, as well as Plantera in hardmode. the blocks in this addon will have no thick black outlines, no stretched pixels, and all blocks textures will be in 16x, most items also being in 16x, save for some bigger swords like the terra blade and zenith.

  14. GreenGuy321 says:

    nice! what if you add all the slimes, and biomes?

  15. MorbidNoob says:

    Maybe add an accessible range update.

  16. Guest-9182142289 says:

    Great job man keep it up, Cool to see some terraria stuff 😀

  17. Guest-3507449108 says:

    King slimm?

  18. Guest-6536178112 says:

    I just realised the Moon Lord is the same as the wither in some aspects
    1. no legs
    2. has a ribcage at the bottom
    3. spawned by killing hundreds of mobs (wither skeletons/pillars)
    4. about 6 eyes (wither 6, ML 7)
    5. Flying, shoots projectiles, and has 2 phases (lightning phase for wither, core opening for ML)
    6. Spawns 3 mobs (in second phase, wither spawns 3 wither skeletons, ML spawns 3 true eyes)
    7. Final boss (kinda), and 8. drops one of the best things (beacons / luminite)

    • Guest-9097562772 says:

      me again, but
      9. you have to wait for it to spawn (wither becomes blue or something, but ML has 1m wait)
      Also, a bonus, How Eye of Cthulhu is similar to Elder Guardian
      1. It’s basically a living eye
      2. attacks you with a ranged attack (lasers/mini eyes) and a melee (spikes/dash)
      3. easiest boss (except kingslime but thats not really a boss is it lol)

  19. Guest-7897168684 says:

    Addon maker gang

  20. This is awesome! Obviously terraria textures are lower quality, so the blocks don’t port well, but everything else is great. I’m going to guess you’re using Addon Maker, so I know a lot of things aren’t possible, but keep it up! I could see a few more mobs and bosses coming to this addon. King slime should be very easy, lunatic cultist probably wouldn’t be too hard, and even Golem could work, using an iron golem base. I think the empress of light would be semi-possible using a vex, there’s just so many possibilities. Zombies and skeletons are definitely possible as well. Remember that when porting weapons, terraria weapons face left to right, but Minecraft items are right to left. This means terraria weapons will be backwards, including the axe you have already added. Just remember to flip the textures. By the way, with the armor textures, if you are using a skin that has a ‘hat’ or ‘jacket’, the textures will be broken when turning it into armor.

  21. Guest-8611210556 says:

    Think you should work on some of the block textures

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