Terraria Pirate Captain Boss

Want a new boss? If you play Terraria, then you know very well who this boss is. The Pirate Captain is a mini boss in Terraria that spawns during a pirate invasion event, and now I’m bringing him to the world of Minecraft!

How to find:

  • Find the Pirate Map from the creative inventory
  • Use command /summon king:pirate_captain
  • They sometimes spawn in beaches


The Pirate Captain has 350 health and has two ways of attacking you: either by walking up to you dealing melee damage or by stopping and using his autocannon.

  • Melee attack deals 5 damage and weakens you for 3 seconds
  • For the autocannon, he either uses the minishark or the cannon
  • Minishark fires up to 70+ bullets, dealing 2 damage each
  • Cannon fires 3 to 5 cannonballs and deal 10 to 20 damage each
  • Just like the original, he is immune to knockback, along with fire and explosions
  • Drops: 10-15 emeralds, 1-5 diamonds, and 25 gold ingots. He also drops iron swords sometimes


  • When he stops moving and aims his weapon, run away and keep your distance. You can also run in a circle
  • Since he’s immune to knockback, just trap him in a boat and keep attacking

Don’t forget he’s still a hardmode boss, don’t expect it to be easy without a boat. And without any armor you can be one shot by his cannon easily.


  • Download both packs
  • Click them, and Minecraft should open and install them automatically
  • If that fails, you can rename both packs from .mcaddon to .zip and extract them to the right folders manually

Don't use any other links except the ones provided by MCPEDL. You can use this addon as you wish but don't forget to credit me.

I don't own Terraria or the things related to it. Terraria and all rights belong to Re-Logic, I'm just a fan of the games.


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  1. Hi there! This acc isn’t used anymore. Visit King Creeper Studios for updates for 1.16 add-ons, thanks!

  2. Guest-5301723641 says:

    Bro can u make the pirate captain drop his weapon? that would be sick! 😀

  3. Guest-6883826979 says:

    Yeah bro add stuff like the flying Dutchman from the event

  4. Guest-1079483194 says:

    Should make it drop the weapons, it will be more fun. Regardless it is nice

  5. A_Shfox says:

    I just open the page for cannon but i got so despondent that it’s only for that stupid pirate T_T

  6. Guest-3189448620 says:

    idk why didnt work, i download both pack and insert into defalt, but i didnt find pirate map and cant summon the pirate king, i only can summon king:bullet and king:cannonball

  7. A simple Addon, but still packs a punch! Wow! Good job on the Addon, bro!

  8. Donimos G says:

    Please add more crew.

  9. Donimos G says:

    haha cool, the addon is super but it was good that you put the crew.

  10. Guest-8454670011 says:

    You should 0.3% chance to findhim also make her life 380. that’s my suggestion
    Btw awesome add-on

  11. Guest-9761279638 says:

    Make their spawning rate lower for me that I find many of them in my survival world

  12. Guest-8548430792 says:

    I would love to see more terraria content on this platform there’s not many bedrock mods for it (and the ones on java most of them are just sad) awesome job

  13. Liam TDP says:

    I love the addon Its epic Also can you add Eye of Chulu and Skrletron boss next

  14. Guest-2745993932 says:

    you should make a terraria npc mode witch have custome trades that would be sick also great addon!

  15. Guest-3354203388 says:

    I love it very good, glad to see another terraria dan

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