Terraria Swords Addon Beta v1

Want to play Terraria with Minecraft? Now you can have experience how strong Terraria swords are in Minecraft, adding 29 swords to the game which are all in Terraria with the same skin and the same damage.

There are 29 swords in this addon which are all from terraria

1.Cactus Sword-9 damage

2.Silver Shortsword-9 damage

3.Platinum broadsword-11 damage

4.Zombie arm-12 damage

5.Bone Sword-16 damage

6.Candy cane sword-16 damage

7.Katana-16 damage

8.Ice blade-17 damage

9.Starfury-22 damage

10.Blade of grass-28 damage

11.Blood butcherer-22 damage

12.Fiery greatsword-36 damage

13.Night’s edge-42 damage


14.Copper Shortsword-5 damage

15.Tin Shortsword-7 damage

16.LeadShortsword-9 damage

17.Ebonwood Sword-10 damage

18.Shadewood Sword-10 damage

19.Tungsten Shortsword-10 damage

20.Lead Broadsword-11 damage

21.Bladed Glove-12 damage

22.Mandible Blade-14 damage

23.Stylish Scissors-14 damage

24.Light’s Bane-17 damage 

25.Muramasa-19 damage

26.Arkhalis-20 damage

27.Exotic Scimitar-20 damage

28.Purple Clubberfish-24 damage

29.Terra Blade-95 damage

And more to the future

Try /fuction terraria  

To get the all swords easily

Function commands do not work at 1.12

Projectile swords will be added in future update

And more terraria swords to come!

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Youtube:Vos Glactic

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The Swords Are ORIGINALLY from terraria





Changelog View more

-added 16 new swords

-fixed candy cane sword and ice blade skin

-new updated links

- more better funcfion command


File names:

Terraria Swords Beh Beta v1.mcaddon

Terraria Swords Res Beta v1.mcaddon

Download the behavior pack and the resource pack to download

2.wait for 5 seconds

3.Click skip add

4.Download at mediafire site

If encountering any problems watch this video toturial on how to download my maps and addons


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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66 Responses

3.52 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Guest-8663424754 says:

    Can you please make it actually craftable? Sorry but i’m making my own RLcraft full of mods from here

  2. Guest-8418327260 says:

    I love it

  3. Guest-8418327260 says:

    I love it

  4. Guest-8418327260 says:

    I’m gonna get it

  5. Guest-6710878850 says:

    I downloaded the file and MC even said successfully imported. And, the swords never showed up in the search bar nor crafting. Also, the function didn’t work. I added both resource and behavior packs to be active but it still didn’t work. I’m on minecraft 1.14. Please reach out to me if you know how to solve this problem. 🙂 – also, this has been reoccurring on every sword modpack I’ve tried to install

  6. Guest-6917854824 says:

    lol DO EDIT?

  7. Guest-4382304811 says:

    Nice add-on, but I have a suggestion: can you make those swords enchantable?

  8. buildingbobthebuilder says:

    remove adfly i’m not going on any shady website

  9. Ask DreamForce says:

    I’m pretty sure the link is now illegitimate as I can’t seem to be able to download it.

  10. GraysBlock says:

    Could you make custom crafting materials, like the ability to craft the four swords together to make the Night’s Edge?

  11. Keyyard says:

    Yo, i can help making the swords like Terra Blade shoots beam.
    @keyyard on twiiter.

  12. ? says:

    Just make this terraria add-on or at least add some Terraria materials

  13. jack says:

    you should add the terraria materials to craft the swords

  14. Liam says:

    I hate this I does not work 😢

    • Guest-4004570757 says:

      If it doesn’t work that means your not doing the download correctly which means you should not hate it for not following directions

  15. U.N.Derfell says:

    Very nice, love Terraria but can you pls fix the ice blade texture?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dude, the link took me to disgusting adult sites(don’t want to say the word). I’m 15, I didn’t want to see that, can you fix that or do you not have a choice with those adds?

  17. katrina says:

    why get this when you can get terraria tho..

  18. Razwerkz says:

    Will these weapons appear in chests?

  19. Foxyrocks20 says:

    I have no idea how I can join Minecraft beta I’m on bedrock edition so.. I can’t figure out how to join beta on Bedrock

  20. Tyler says:

    The function doesnt work but other than that great! Please dont add ridiculous buffs for the swords and make them OP. Ive been looking for more basic cool swords forever that domt completely break the game

  21. JNdu33 says:

    Can you update your addon pls is not working for me

  22. StevoNeebs says:

    If it says it is not a valid zip, rename the file into a .zip, then into a .rar, then into a .mcpack

  23. StevoNeebs says:

    To fix the invalid zip error, use WinRAR to rename the file to a .zip, then rename it to a .rar, the into .mcpack

  24. JNdu33 says:

    Pourquoi ça marche pas pour moi ? (Je suis sur iOS et j’suis en 1.12.1)

  25. Anonymous says:

    How do you download this I don’t get it it doesn’t work on my iPad it always says import failed

  26. Vosglactic says:

    Guys this is a beta i just test it if you like it but in the next update i will add all the projectile sword only in pre hard mode because there so much sword

    • TheDiamondBlue1 says:

      Ok, hey just a question. Can I do a mod showcase on this? I will give credit to you and a link to this page and your YouTube Channel.

    • IVER DIGiTal says:

      Hi creator if you can add them randomly spawn in the chest or the recipe to craft the weapon without change into creative mode and type /function terraria it would be more fun and enjoyable with friend and the mod work really well in version 1.14 beta too just download ES explorer! Thank you!

  27. Hope0325 says:


  28. Twist says:

    add it to be crafted

  29. Ammagon says:

    I highly recommend adding the Terra blade which obviously symbolises the game and the main sword itself

  30. Frostbyte7 says:

    Are you gonna add the 1.3 swords?

  31. stupidkid says:

    cant use in 1.12
    im not destroying my minecraft by joining beta just to use a resource pack
    you cant leave beta on windows 10

  32. You says:

    Can you make meowmere and something like the last prism ? Maybe using a bow?

  33. Nobody says:

    It’s about time terraria was noticed in the world of Minecraft. Also a very nice add on!

  34. nininfranz02 says:

    Add the 1.3 swords please the swords had some effects. Add bows axe pickaxe and mobs and boses.the TERRARIA ADDON IS COOL

  35. Potato chip says:

    Can you craft them ?

  36. Plum says:


  37. Diamond Geminite says:

    I can say atleast 2 swords are projectile:
    Ice sword and Starfury
    The Ice sword (well give it Trident abilities)
    Starfury…now that’s harder due to The Stars falling from the sky.

  38. Y says:

    it made me install a vpn

  39. kira121 says:

    Can you craft the items?

  40. E says:

    I cant download it because the thing keeps on making me download something

  41. fsdgfsd says:

    i cant get it

  42. Aryo says:

    Link doesn’t work

  43. Captain Diamonds says:

    It crashes if I try to load on my apple 2018 ipad

  44. Lumix says:

    Hey um I can’t download it, it just says invalid zip and stuff like that

  45. AegisFlare37 says:

    No special weapon perks? Like Starfury’s Falling star, or Nights Edge Glowing effects?

  46. StevoNeebs says:

    When importing it says that it is not a valid zip archive

  47. Liam says:

    It says failed to import

  48. Sean says:

    I love this addon and I have not even downloaded the addon yet

  49. nooby says:

    umm hi i’m just wondering can this be used in survival mode and if so what are the crafting recipes. I’m the first person to comment YEA.

  50. Crafterman says:

    You should make elemental sword addon

  51. Dr.dragonwho says:

    It keeps saying not valid zip archive

  52. Extrañó says:

    Me gustó mucho tu addon espero que agregues más swods 😄

  53. Complainer says:

    Zip code is invalid

  54. SONICXGATO says:

    Oh my god!
    (I love Terraria)

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