Terraria Wooden Bows Resource Pack!

Previously, I made a Terraria Shields Resource Pack and many loved it wanting more such as other Terraria resource packs. After a long wait, I have finally brought another Terraria resource pack with a couple more in the works! Today, I bring you ever single wooden bow in Terraria!

These are 7 types of Terraria bows that you can pick by using one resource pack that can be swapped around using subpacks. This means you just have to download one pack but change which option you want ingame!

These bows do not  have any new functionalites than the regular bows. This resource pack simply just spices up the appearance of your bows with recreated textures from Terraria.

While these bows do have the same color palette as the ones on Terraria, they have bee n recreated by hand to resemble the same bows as the one in Minecraft, along with their pulling animation textures as well.

The bows that are provided to you are

The Wooden Bow

The Boreal Wood Bow

The Palm Wood Bow

The Rich Mahogany Wood Bow

The Ebonwood Bow

The Shade Wood Bow

And the only Hardmode wooden bow

The Pearl Wood Bow

To change the bow you want to use, simply apply it, press the settings button, then move the slider to the bow of your choosing. As you can see above there are 7 bows that can be currently selected so have fun!

If you want to suggest or critique something I made, my twitter handle is @sir_catto . Do not be afraid to ask me anything : )

More Terraria packs are definitely coming soon so look out for those! 

Changelog View more

•Updated post along with some grammatical errors that have been fixed

-Updated link to correctly send you to the right download


When changing the bows, restart your game and go back to the option slider. Because of a bug that exists in 1.12, you will need to restart your game to update the subpack selection you made. Hopefully it will be patched in a later update of Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions




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7 Responses

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  1. FunnCoo says:

    I can’t get the pack or the download page because of the adfly. Please fix if you can

  2. FunnCool says:

    I can’t download it. I can’t even get to the download page because of adfly. It was the same with the shields. Please fix if you can

  3. Vivace1234567ui says:

    Are you going to make a Terraria Swords Resource Pack?

    • Sir Chaton says:

      I would love to make one but I kind of want it to make sense in a way? Like why would you use diamonds for a chlorophyte sword as an example. If I figure out a way to incorporate swords in a way that makes sense to me then I’ll definitely do it but for now, nothing planned for that.

  4. Sir Chaton says:

    Ok everyone I messed up on the download link and accidentally sent it to a link to a previous creation. I already edited the post to have the correct link so its just waiting for mcpedl to reaccept it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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