Tesla Model 3 Addon

The one and only Tesla Model 3 enters Minecraft in this add-on by The Morning Company. Enjoy quick response times, fun commutes, and eye-catching design. Not to mention you and four of your friends can all fit in this car.

The Tesla Model 3 includes features for every day use, a infotainment system above the center console, a big glass windshield for optimal viewing, and distinctive design language that is easily recognizable. Of course, to see this incredible car in more detail, check out our video. Colors include Red, Blue, Gray, and Black.

Below are images of the Tesla Model 3

Changelog View more

Added more colors. These have different variations to simulate the difference between standard range, long range, and performance.


Click the link. 

Wait five seconds for Adfly. 

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Scroll down and click download. 

Or watch our installation guide.


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7 Responses

  1. Guest-6084324372 says:

    I have a tesla and I’ve got to say, this add on is pretty accurate in terms of appearance, good job on research!

  2. Guest-5302163515 says:

    As an update, it would be fun if you could add three different versions (Standard Range+, Long Range and Performance Model). Perhaps they could be designed as following:

    Standard Range+ – Aero Wheels (current design) (slower)
    Long Range – Sport wheels, grey/dark dual motor “text” pixels on the right side of the trunk (medium fast)
    Performance – Performance wheels, grey/dark dual motor text pixels on the right side of the trunk with a red underline (very fast)

    Some more colors would be fun too like black, blue, red, grey

    (I commented before, I just forgot to share some ideas for improvements!)

    Either way, great job!

  3. Guest-9785419817 says:

    As a Model 3 owner myself I love this add-on! Thank you for allowing my kids to finally drive my car (they have been very eager)! 😉

  4. Guest-6406220944 says:

    Oye amigo tus complementos al intentar abrirlo tengo que cambiarle el nombre por q sólo se habré en archivo zip y no en minecraft y si se habré en minecraft dice que es el archivo zip no es válido arregla esto por favor

  5. Guest-6751520503 says:

    Do other cars then tesla

  6. Guest-3136646096 says:

    You should try to make the tesla cybertruck

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