Tesla Model S Addon

Everyone has been dreaming of the perfect everyday sedan. The Morning Company has delivered a car that is the first of it’s kind. This Tesla Model S will not only be a perfect luxury car, but also a truly functional one as well. 

This Tesla Model S seats five people, and has an inventory as big as you average barrel or chest. The iconic design is realistically sized, and has multiple animations on different parts. To enjoy some tunes, check out the city, and take in the true beauty of this car, check out our video. Now that we have more colors, you can also check out this fun video.

Below are some pictures of the Tesla Model S and the different colors

Changelog View more

Added all the official Tesla Model S colors and wheels. 


Click the link. 

Wait five seconds for Adfly. 

Click "Skip Ad" in the top right corner. 

Scroll down and click download. 

Or watch our installation guide.


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  1. JohnNathan says:

    Can you make it not a zip file? It would be alot easier if you could download it directly

  2. Guest-4046097141 says:

    Won’t download just use mediafire

  3. Sufs gaming says:

    Wow the model is horrible

  4. Guest-2613873546 says:

    I think I’m going to love this!

  5. Guest-3579901264 says:

    How do you get it in-game?

  6. Guest-3556481804 says:

    does itu have autopilot?

  7. Guest-8798333782 says:

    How do you download? It just takes me to YouTube

  8. Guest-9319575163 says:

    I agree

  9. Guest-8068710477 says:

    I can’t download it… its not available on the page

  10. Guest-5903312311 says:

    Did you forgot Download Tesla Model s!?! It Tesla model s not found on

  11. Guest-2291457480 says:

    Can you make Nether Model s Better your nether Roadster. Make Nether Model s

  12. Guest-9799960181 says:

    Yay I love tesla model s

  13. Guest-4197660864 says:

    The video is set to private

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing also is it possible to make a model 3?

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