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Published on January 29, 2015 (Updated on January 29, 2015)

TextBox (Text Recorder)

The TextBox mod makes it very easy to record text in the chat and then have it automatically replayed whenever you want.

It's suitable for YouTubers who want to with ease replay texts while they are showcasing something in-game.

Creator: MehrzadR

How to use?

There are two functionalities you should learn to use. The two are record and replay.


  1. Enter a world or a server.
  2. In the chat window type /textbox record to start recording.
  3. Type whatever you want to record in the chat.
  4. Use the buttons in the bottom-right and bottom-left corners to either stop the recording or replay it.


  1. Enter a world or a server.
  2. In the chat window type /textbox replay.
  3. Use the bottom-left squared icon button to replay whatever you have previously recorded.
  4. Use the bottom-right circled icon button to erase previously recordings to record new text.

The mod will instruct you in-game how to use it whenever you type any of the commands instructed above.

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Can you please update Minecraft PE so the people that play it can get the command box because I really want the command box.
Ps your game is the best game ever and I play it a lot
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??What do you mean??
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You know. This isn't who made Minecraft....
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It can't record the text is send from another player,but this is a really good mod!!

Can you add this feature?
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I asked the creator. I will update here with his reply.
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He replied saying that chatReceiveHook isn't available in BlockLauncher yet so he can't code it like that for now.
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